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Krishna Flute Jewellery

Krishna Flute Jewellery Designs: As Beautiful as Music

Also known by several other names such as Govinda, Hari, Nandagopala, and Madhava, Lord Krishna has a divine charisma that knows no bounds. In all his forms and functions, he has established himself as the epitome of divinity. His mischiefs in that quaint house in Mathura have stolen our hearts and the eternal tale of his love has tinted the forests of Vrindavan with auspicious music and divine romance. And it was on the battlegrounds of the Kurukshetra, that he delivered his enlightening discourse to Arjuna. With the captivating smile on his lips, peacock feather on the head, and flute in hand, Lord Krishna makes for one of the most magnetic deities in the history of Indian mythology.

Here at BlueStone, in our quest to bring devotion alive in the nurturing forms of art, substance, and originality, we have immersed ourselves in the dents of mythology. Our ingenious designers have attempted to eternalise the enchanting flute of Lord Krishna, one that has a reputation for wooing the hearts of many with its mystic notes, in our jewellery collection. And the result? The mesmerising range of Krishna flute jewellery designs made of gold and accented with gemstones!

Buy Krishna Flute Jewellery Designs and Take Religious Jewellery to a Whole New Level

The Murli Manohar Pendant engraves the heart-tugging flute of Lord Krishna, in chromatic shades of the navaratna gemstones. The pendant is made of 18kt gold and is blissfully studded with diamonds. While this pendant allures your heart with its colours and fashion element, it also complements your vibrant personality and your individualistic perspective towards life, divinity, and spiritualism. Moreover, if you are looking for a gift for your mother, sister, or a loved one who is a Krishna devotee, this multistone pendant is an ideal pick.

The soulful beauty of the Nandagopala Pendant is enough to woo your heart away. If somehow that’s not sufficient information for you, then let us delve into the unique fashion quotient of this one-of-a-kind Lord Krishna pendant, shall we? This pendant made of 18kt gold is intricately designed and is sure to capture your attention with every bit of artistry built into it. The flute featured on the pendant lends it a divine charm while the lush green emeralds make it a magnificent affair. It epitomises the entire genre of the religious pendant and redefines the finer nuances of your style statement in its wake.

The Gopalpriya Pendant is as mesmeric as it gets. This unisex pendant made of 18kt gold is deeply embedded with sparkling rubies and dazzling diamonds that add to its wonderful design. Club this pendant with any ethnic wear and let the divine grace and integrity of this neckpiece enwrap you in marvellous style.

The Krishna flute jewellery designs offered by BlueStone stand to engrave the spirit of Krishna’s melodious flute into a sophisticated, subtle, tasteful, and contemporary jewellery collection. As such, they each have a romantic tint built into them. If you are looking for just the right bit of jewellery to gift your beloved, you can buy Krishna Flute jewellery designs without any qualms. Rest assured, for nothing professes your undying love better than these pendants. And also, last minute gifting has never been this easy, with the next-day delivery services we offer.

Buy Krishna Flute Jewellery Designs Online from BlueStone

At BlueStone we aspire to capture the soulful tales of love, lore, mysticism and much more in this particular religious jewellery collection. Our spiritual jewellery is embedded with the emotions and sentiments of devotion just as much as we have studded them with rubies, diamond and the likes. This gives a fashionable edge to our jewellery collection.

You can now buy Krishna flute jewellery designs online without any hassle. Just choose the designs that strike a chord with you and we will bring them home to you at a time that suits you conveniently. Also, you can check and compare the Krishna flute jewellery prices which we dare say are very reasonably decided upon.

If you still have a slight ray of doubt about purchasing jewellery online, we’d say it’s time to cast it away. We have a clean chit reputation for being one of the most trustworthy dealers in the Indian jewellery market and we maintain 100 percent transparency in all our dealings. You get exactly what you see.

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