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    Imperial Nest Nose Pins

    Imperial Nest Nose Pin Designs: For the Imperial Women 

    The nose is probably the most prominent feature on a woman’s face. So, it isn’t surprising to note that a nose job is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgeries. However, you don’t need to go under the knife to make your nose look more beautiful than it already is. Nose pins may be a trendy fashion accessory in the twenty-first century but in India, women have been wearing nose pins and nose rings for centuries as part of religious and cultural customs. According to historians, the nath or nose ring is said to have been introduced to Indian women by the Mughals. Elaborately designed nose pins and rings were an essential accessory not just of the Mughal empresses, but also of almost all royal women in India.

    Today, you can pay tribute to this imperial tradition by wearing a piece from our collection of Imperial Nest nose pin designs. Whether you are looking for a simple, plain gold nose ring without any embellishments or a sparkling piece studded with diamonds or colourful gemstones, we offer you just the right designs.

    Nose Pins and Their Cultural Significance

    Women rarely need a reason to wear jewellery but did you know that according to Ayurveda, wearing jewellery may have a good influence on your health? According to Ayurveda, the nerves in the left nostril are said to be connected to the female reproductive organs. A nose piercing in the right place is said to have the ability to ease childbirth. For Hindu women, nose pins are seen as a way of paying tribute to Goddess Parvati. Both Hindu and Muslim bridal jewellery sets are considered incomplete without a ‘nath’ or ornate nose ring. A nose ring was once considered a sign of being married but today, everyone from a young teenager to an elderly widow may be seen sporting this beautiful piece of jewellery. What’s more? Newer trends in nose ornaments are being brought in by Hollywood and Bollywood divas. The mind-blowing piece Sonam Kappor wore during her red carpet appearance in 2013 Cannes and the septum ring of Lady Gaga are some such trendy nose pins that created waves in the fashion industry.

    Types of Jewellery for the Nose

    Jewellery for the nose can be categorised under three main headings; nose pins, nose rings, and nose screws. Imperial Nest nose pin designs like the Tansy Nose Pin are examples for nose pin designs. These are ideal for everyday wear and can be described as a long, twisted pin with an ornamented head. This is one of the most secure types of jewellery for the nose. A nose ring, on the other hand, is a traditional style of nose ornaments. As the name suggests, this is a ring that goes through the nostril and is held in place with a hoop lock. Nose screws consist of two parts; a back and an ornamental head. While both nose pins and nose rings are put in from outside the nostril, when it comes to a nose screw the back must first be put in before you can screw in the top. Nose screws are also thicker than nose pins and nose rings. Compared to nose screws, nose rings and pins are easy to put on and take off. So if you are someone who changes her nose ornaments quite frequently, these two types are your best bet.

    Buy Imperial Nest Nose Pin Designs That Speak

    Jewellery is considered an extension of a woman’s personality. Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a nose pin, jewellery speaks of the wearer’s personality and tastes. If you are looking for a simple nose ring made of plain gold, go for the Kosara Nose Pins. This classy and versatile piece is ideal for office and everyday wear.

    Nose pins made of gold are pretty things to look at and wear; add diamonds to the mix and you get a glimmering piece like the Aureole Nose Ring. This simple yet elegant nose ornament has nine sparkling diamonds studded on it. Wear it as everyday jewellery or save it for festive occasions, you will surely turn a few heads every time you wear it.

    If you have a thing for colourful gemstones, the Primrose Nose Pin is your best pick. Made of 18kt gold, it features a round cut yellow sapphire. Special occasions, vacations, or parties, this gemstone stunner will add oodles of bling quotient to your attire. The good news is that all these designs are budget-friendly, so you can pick them as gifts for your loved ones without having to spend a fortune.

    Customise and Buy Imperial Nest Nose Pins Online

    With BlueStone there are no restrictions to designs. Our Imperial Nest nose pin designs are typically made of 18kt yellow. However, you can get them made in 14kt gold, which reduces Imperial Nest nose pins prices to a considerable degree. Similarly, you can choose the clarity of diamonds or gemstones used on your nose pin. Whether you’re shopping for wedding jewellery or something to wear every day, we have an impressive range of designs for you to choose from.

    When you shop with us, not only can you customise your jewellery you can even try it on before you buy it. This way you can see how a piece of jewellery suits your face before you buy it. If you couldn’t make up your mind between two nose pins, we could send both over to your home for you to try on before you buy it. All you need to do is to book a home trial. Guess what’s the best part? This feature is absolutely free and there is no prior obligation of purchase. When we make online jewellery shopping such a delightful experience, what stops you from buying your favourite nose ornaments from us?

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