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Fashion Bracelets: Accessories that Evoke a Sense of Beauty

Love to flaunt alluring jewellery that highlights one or more of your features? You’re in luck as you’ll find everything about bracelets here along with the umpteen fashion bracelet designs available only at BlueStone. Anyone who loves jewellery will vouch for the fact that fashion bracelets are more than mere accessories. They are pieces of fine art draped around your wrists. With the power to liven up and elevate the look of any outfit you wear, fashion bracelets are well worth your investment.

History of Bracelets: Their journey through the ages

Bracelets have been around for a long time in history. The word “bracelet” finds its roots in the Greek word “brachile” which stands for “of the arm” and in the Latin word “brachium”, which means “arm”. The evidence of the existence of bracelets dates back to 7000 years. Archaeologists have discovered bracelets made with slender tree limbs, grasses, shells, copper, and bronze in ancient Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia. Gold and silver were used to make these accessories after the Bronze Age, and they were decorated with stones and shells to symbolise status and wealth.

While discussing the history of bracelets, it’s hard to ignore the Mediterranean influence and Asian artistry. The ancient Greeks decorated their upper and lower arms with cuffs. At the same time, Greek soldiers wore either leather or metal cuffs for protection and as a part of their uniform. This practice was later adopted by the Roman soldiers. Coiled gold bangles resembling snakes were a favourite among well-dressed Romans. Bracelets in the form of intricately designed bangles and cuffs were etched with elaborate patterns, including mythical creatures, animals, and natural elements by the ancient Chinese.

Modern bracelets: Timeless jewellery with innovative designs

Men and women around the world, from Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe, used to wear bracelets as decorative accessories to highlight the beauty of their wrists. A wide array of materials has been used for making bracelets since the beginning of time until now, including rocks, shells, wood, jewels, crystals, pearls, metals, etc. Bracelets have come a long way since then — from being simple accessories adorned on wrists to pieces of innovation that have now become fashion essentials. Dwellers of the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries have been a tad bit luckier than their prehistoric counterparts in terms of bracelet designs. Nowadays, you can buy fashion bracelet designs that our ancestors couldn’t have even imagined!

An assortment of bracelets you can’t say no to

When it comes to the choice of designs, BlueStone is the best place to buy fashion bracelets online. Browse our collection of fashion bracelets that include eye-catching yellow and white gold pieces, priceless gemstone-studded bracelets, intriguing charm bracelets, and more. From plan gold bracelets and mixed metals to those featuring stones in striking bright hues, you’ll be spoilt for choice, we promise. You can be sure that you’ll get superior quality, unique designs, and an unmatched fashion bracelet price when you shop at BlueStone.

Have you checked out our collection yet? Here’s a teaser of what’s in store for you. Our Dutiful Hibiscus Bracelet is crafted in 18kt gold and features a hibiscus studded with tiny, glittering diamonds. The Sophie Bracelet is designed for those who love subtle elegance. It is made of 22kt gold and features three intertwined hearts in yellow, white, and rose gold. It’s hard to take your eyes off our Leaf Lace Bracelet crafted with 18kt white gold and accented with diamonds. Prepare to fall in love with all of them! 

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