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Men’s Everyday Ring Designs: Who Said Men Can’t Wear Jewellery Every Day?

It is a common misconception that only women like to wear jewellery. A quick look at some of the royal portraits of India’s erstwhile maharajas will show you that jewellery suits men just as well as it suits women. Trends have changed; so have men’s jewellery preferences. You might not see men wearing oversized pearl earrings or elaborate emerald necklaces as the kings and emperors of bygone days did. Men’s everyday jewellery made in simple yet elegant designs is catching up and creating a wave across the globe.

Speaking of everyday jewellery, while teenagers and young men may experiment with earrings, pendants, and other kinds of funky ornaments, the only piece of jewellery most men like to sport every day is a ring. Rings are typically seen as a sign of the wearer’s marital status but a man does not have to be engaged or married to someone to wear a ring. Some men feel that rings complete their look and flaunt their rings to make a style statement. We, at BlueStone, present a remarkable range of men’s everyday ring designs for men who love to make a unique style statement. Young or old, conventional or trendy, married or single, you are likely to find a design that suits you in our eclectic collection. 

Men's Everyday Ring Designs: Simple and Uncomplicated Style Statements

Men’s ring designs usually take the form of a broad band. Unlike women’s rings, their contours are fairly easy to trace. While some men prefer wearing plain gold bands, others wouldn’t mind accommodating a little sparkle in the form of diamonds and gemstones. As with women’s rings, diamonds are the most popular stone used in men’s everyday ring designs. However, there are usually fewer diamonds in men’s rings as compared to women’s rings. The Firm and Swanky Ring, one of our bestselling designs, is a fine case in point. Made of 18kt white gold, the ring features a sparkling diamond in the centre. As with other types of jewellery, the number and size of precious stones being used in the rings play a significant role in determining men's everyday rings prices.

While rings studded with large stones suit flamboyant men, rings without stones suit almost all men. These rings are the perfect way for a man to accessorise his outfit without drawing too much attention and are neutral enough to go with formal office outfits. Choose our Undaunted Ruler Ring and Brad Ring, both made of 22kt gold, if you are looking for a simple and elegant design to go with your everyday wear. For the lovers of gemstones, we have the Regalia Ring made of white gold and studded with an iolite.

Of Romance and Faith: Buy Men’s Everyday Ring Designs from BlueStone

Wearing a ring not only makes a style statement but also sends out a message. Traditionally, rings were seen as a symbol of power and were worn only by royalty or high ranking officials. Thankfully, today, you don’t have to wear a crown to wear a ring; the reasons for wearing a ring have also changed over the centuries. Men may wear a ring to tell people around them that they belong to a certain fraternity or faith. For instance, the Apurv Swastika Ring, which features a swastika symbol studded with diamonds, speaks of the wearer’s religious beliefs. The Sparkle of Love Ring for Him made of 18kt gold is a bold statement of romance. The unique design and the unbroken line of diamonds featured on the ring make it a fine pick for Valentine’s Day and special occasions. So ladies, if you are looking for a ring to spring a surprise for you man, here is the right piece! The Modern Royalty Ring and the Sound of Love Band for Him are also some of the hotcakes in this category.

Add a Wow Factor to Your Marital Vows with Men’s Engagement Ring Designs

Among the diverse visual markers of marital status, rings have an undeniable space in almost all cultures. Our men’s everyday ring collection has pieces specifically designed for engagements and weddings. If you want to go the classic way, opt for a good old band design, like the Soul Mate Ring for Him or the True Love Band for Him. If you have a penchant for diamonds, our Clasped Band for Him is an ideal pick. The Daring Hero Ring and the Legendary Ring are also some of the popular picks in our men’s engagement ring collection.

Conventional offline jewellers often do not have a lot of variety when it comes to men’s everyday ring designs. If going from store to store seems like a tiring task, check out our range. When you buy men's everyday rings online from BlueStone, you’re guaranteed high-quality gold and certified gemstones. We understand that when you have so many stunning designs to choose from, picking one can be difficult. We offer you an opportunity to pick you favourites and try them on at home before making a final selection. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our design collection and get ready to make a statement.

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