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Till Eternity and a Day: The Everlasting Beauty of Eternity Jewellery Designs

A lot of things in life make you exclaim “It feels like an eternity!” either in utter desperation or with utmost joy. Remember that boring movie you watched on your last anniversary when every moment felt like an eternity? But wait, didn’t you also hold the hands of your spouse on the same day and exclaim the same with a mixture of disbelief and happiness?

Eternity is a complex concept none can fully make sense of or explain. But jewellers across the globe have found a brilliant and smart way to capture its essence in the simplest way imaginable. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about eternity jewellery, the simplest yet the best way to tell your special ones that you cherish them till eternity and perhaps a day more.

What Is Eternity Jewellery?

The term eternity jewellery is a tad bit intriguing, isn’t it? After all, why should a piece of ornament have the tag of eternity attached to it? To begin with, the term eternity doesn’t refer to any particular qualities of the jewellery per se; it, on the other hand, refers to a particular design technique used for setting stones on the jewellery. To put it simply, eternity jewellery is a piece of ornament that features an unbroken and continuous line of gemstones, typically small sparkling diamonds. Such pieces have the same stone setting all around which generates a visual impression that the stones have neither a beginning nor an end, like the eternity. That’s precisely why they are called so. 

The Origins of Eternity Jewellery Designs

The history of eternity designs can be traced back to a particular type of ring, called the eternity ring. The classic eternity ring, also known as the infinity ring, is made of precious metals and the band is embellished with an unbroken line of precious stones that are identical in shape, size, and cut. The continuous line of gemstones which are placed side by side form a complete circle which symbolises everlasting love and affection. Such rings are usually given by men to women primarily on anniversaries and other special occasions in their lives. 

Eternity rings made with white topaz, paste gems, or a mix of precious and semi-precious stones were in vogue as early as the eighteenth century. However, the diamond eternity ring we see today was a concept developed by the renowned diamond merchant DeBeers during the 1960s. Such designs exploded in popularity in the years that followed and iconic pieces of eternity rings graced the hands of many celebrities including Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.  

Buy Eternity Jewellery Designs and Make an Eternal Statement

In the past few decades, designers started recreating the classic eternity design on ornaments other than rings. Today, many jewellers offer bangles, pendants, and other ornaments designed with continuous lines of identical gems. You can buy eternity jewellery online from BlueStone and celebrate your eternal moments with the glitter of gold and the sparkle of precious stones. Our collection consists primarily of rings and bangles but our creative designers have recreated the timeless pattern on earrings and pendants too. These exquisite pieces are made of yellow and white gold and they feature unbroken lines of sparkle made with high-quality gemstones and diamonds.

Eternity Ring Designs for Your Special Moments

It all started with rings! At BlueStone, we continue the tradition by offering you fabulous pieces of eternity rings made of white and gold. The Theona Ring, one of the signature items in our collection, is made of 18kt white gold and features a seamless circle made with rubies and emerald. The stones are set in multiple rows which add to the width of the band.

Well, none can count eternity, but you can certainly count the number of stones on our Lynsa Ring – 35 sparkling diamonds set on a gold band. The Sykstra Ring, another eye catcher in our collection, is also made of 18kt gold and embellished with diamonds. You can buy more than one piece of these rings, stack them on the same finger, and flaunt them with pride and joy. Eternity rings are like humans. Nothing makes them happier than the company of another eternity ring.

Create a Circle of Sparkle with Eternity Bangle Designs 

Take a look at the bangles in our collection and you will be amazed to see how our craftsmen have interpreted the classic eternity pattern in contemporary ways. Lovers of white gold can choose from our wide range that includes the Encia Bangle and the Saidi Bangle. If you prefer the glitter of gold, we have enchanting pieces like the Shirin Bangle and the Amna Bangle for your lovely wrists.

Does eternity have a colour? We don’t know for sure but our eternity bangles come studded with colourful stones like rubies and emeralds. The Nupur Bangle, the Kanara Bangle, and the Antara Bangle are some of the popular picks in our collection and they sure will add a dash of colour to your special moments.

None can add a price tag to eternity. But our eternity jewellery prices are so competitive that you can own a piece of eternal bliss without thinking twice.

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