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Eternity Bangles

The Eternal Beauty of Eternity Bangles

Harry van Dyke rightly said, “For those who love, time is eternity.” In some ways eternity and infinity are synonymous. A circle is one of the most common symbols of eternity, best expressed in rings. This symbolism gave birth to a special type of jewellery known as eternity jewellery. The term eternity here refers to a particular design technique used for setting gemstones. It features a continuous, unbroken line of gemstones. It’s difficult to make out where they start and where they end, and hence the name eternity. Rings and bangles are the most common form of this type of jewellery. And at BlueStone, we offer you the best of eternity bangles crafted using the highest quality gold and gemstones. So, are you ready to celebrate the eternal beauty of these bangles?

Where do Eternity Bangle Designs Come from?

The concept of eternity jewellery began with the eternity ring. This ring became popular in the 1960s as a result of a diamond marketing campaign run by the famous diamond merchant DeBeers. The campaign was indeed a huge success and these rings were and still are considered a symbol of love. Unsurprisingly, such designs rose in popularity, especially among celebrities in the Hollywood. Guess what Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor had in common? Eternity rings, of course! 

Rings and bangles share a similar form – circle. Hence it is easy to see how designers started using this setting on bangles. In India, bangles have always been more popular than rings. An Indian woman’s jewellery set is considered incomplete without a set of bangles. The designers at BlueStone understand this better than anyone else! And that’s precisely why we strive to customise global jewellery trends to suit our culture and traditions. Our eternity bangles collection testifies to the creativity and craftsmanship of our designers.

A Symbol of Love That Lasts an Eternity

When it comes to jewellery, diamonds are favoured by women around the globe. It is natural then that diamonds are one of the most common gemstones used to make eternity jewellery. Such designs can look traditional or modern. Women who prefer traditional styles of jewellery will appreciate the Shirin Bangle and the Sonam Bangle. On the other hand, the Rehi Bangle and the Saniha Bangle are examples of a modern style. You can buy eternity bangle designs as a gift for a woman’s birthday or a significant anniversary. For example, you could gift your wife the Chavi Bangle on your 10th wedding anniversary.

How About Sporting a Splash of Colour?

Diamonds are not the only gemstones that can be used in eternity bangles. Our collection also includes designs studded with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. These gemstones not only add colours to bangles but can also reflect the wearer’s birthdate. Are you looking for an eternity bangle as a birthday gift? Pick a design with the person’s birth stone? Rubies are considered the birthstone for Capricorns. Hence, if your loved one is born under this sun sign, the Hina Bangle or the Nupur Bangle could be the perfect gift. Similarly, the Kanara Bangle or the Adrika Bangle is the perfect gift for a Cancerian woman.

Is Gold Always Yellow?

No! In its natural form, gold may be yellow but gold used in jewellery can have different colours. This is because gold on its own is a very soft metal and cannot hold its shape. Hence, it is mixed with other metals to harden it. When copper or zinc is added to gold, the colour of gold remains the same. However, if nickel is added to gold, the metal gets a white shine. This is known as white gold.

Both gold and white gold follows the same parameters of quality and pricing. However, they appeal to different audiences. Gold is favoured by women who like classic jewellery. Some of our best eternity bangle designs in gold are the Ami Bangle and the Rashi Bangle. If you’re looking at buying trendy eternity bangles online, you may prefer white gold bangles. The Saidi Bangle and the Sila Bangle are two of our favourite white gold eternity bangles. Many of our designs like the Samreet Bangle can be made in yellow and white gold.

How to Buy Eternity Bangles?

When you buy a bangle, it is important that you understand bangle sizes. Unlike bracelets, bangles are slipped over the hand. Thus, they must be big enough to pass the widest part of a person’s hand. At the same time, they must also not be so loose that they can slip off easily. Our bangles are made in 8 sizes according to the bangle size chart. You can choose any design in our collection in the bangle size that best suits you.

If you’re buying a bangle for the first time, you may not know the perfect bangle size. There are two ways to find this out. If you have a bangle that fits perfectly, measure the diameter and compare it to a bangle size chart. If not, wrap a strip of paper around the widest part of your hand and mark the point where the two ends meet. This length is the circumference of a bangle that will fit you perfectly. Compare this to a bangle size chart to get your perfect bangle size. In some instances, this measurement may fall between two sizes. In such cases, it is always recommended to order a bangle in the larger size.

Buy Eternity Bangles Online

We offer a number of new designs in eternity bangles. At BlueStone, a woman is truly spoilt for choice. From floral designs like the Amna Bangle to the geometric tones of the Soma Bangle, there’s something for everyone. Designs like the Bliran Bangle can be worn for small get-togethers. On the other hand, the Soha Bangle and the Antara Bangle are just what you need for a wedding. So, browse through our collection and celebrate the eternal beauty of eternal bangles.

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