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Lighten Your Day with Essentially Light Collection Bangles

You love wearing bangles. We agree. Round, oval, cuffs or torques, you love all kinds of bangles. We agree. Yet, aren’t there times when you wish your bangle was a little less heavy? It could be a hectic day at the office; a busy day at home; a trip you take with your loved ones; or a wedding for which you are dressed to kill. As a woman, you have to take many difficult things into ‘your hands’. So isn’t it nice to wear something that light? Our essentially light collection bangles are created for women like you. These bangles are light. They are beautiful too. Or let us say they are beautifully light!

Why Buy from Our Essentially Light Collection?

When it comes to buying bangles, design and budget aren’t the only factors that influence a buyer’s decision. One of the factors women take into consideration when buying jewellery for their wrists is its weight. Earrings and pendants do not affect a person’s work but a heavy bangle can restrict movement and hinder work. For this reason, our essentially light collection bangles are extremely popular. These bangles are light weight and hence can be worn daily. Many of our designs like the Trim Shear Bangles and the Slinky Sculpted Bangle weigh less than 10 grams. At the same time, these bangles are stylish and the perfect accessory to complete an outfit.

Simple Bangles, Sophisticated Style

The simplest designs are often the best designs. When it comes to jewellery for the wrist, not every bangle has to take the centre stage. Some bangles are worn simply to accentuate the rest of your outfit. Many women buy essentially light collection bangle designs to use as everyday jewellery. Such bangles must complement all types of outfits, from formal and western to ethnic and casual. The Swishing Spangle Bangles and the Trailing Spray Bangles are two such versatile designs in our collection. They can be worn as a single bangle or as a pair. Many Indian women like to stack their bangles for a more pronounced effect. For these women, the Breathtaking Designed Bangle and the Pleasing Leaves Bangle are ideal designs. You can stack two, three or even five of these bangles together.

Beautiful Bangles with Intricate Jali

One of the things India is known for is its jali work. This can be seen in architectural wonders, fabric weaves and even jewellery. Jali designs in jewellery take inspiration from Indian architecture where jalis were often created as window shades. The floral tones of the Dizzying Dapper Bangles and the Chisel Vision Bangles are reminiscent of marble screens in ancient palaces. Our range of essentially light collection bangle designs with jail work has both classic designs like the above mentioned and modern designs. The Clefted Dazzle Bangles and the Sylvan Decked Bangles are beautiful examples of the latter.

A jali is not always created by cutting sections out. A jali can also be created by twisting wires in a certain pattern. The Manasa Lattice Bangle takes inspiration from this technique. Though it weighs just about 20 grams, this bangle makes quite the statement. Not only does it have a delicate appeal, round cut diamonds also make it sparkle and dance with the light.

Not Everything That Sparkles is a Diamond

Gold is not the most expensive metal used to create jewellery. When it comes to jewellery, rhodium is the rarest and most expensive metal. Given its price, it is rarely used to create a whole piece of jewellery. Instead, it is used to highlight parts of a design on gold jewellery. In many instances this can mimic the look of diamonds. For example, a quick glance at the Spiralled Parade Bangles or the Entrapped Elegance Bangles may give the appearance of diamond studded bangles. However, these bangles do not feature any diamonds. The Chiselled Gilt Bangle and the Chaste Pride Bangles are similar new designs in essentially light collection bangles that have been highlighted with rhodium plating.

Bangles and Their Sizes

When you buy essentially light collection bangles online, you must know your bangle size. Ordering a bangle that is too small or big for your hands is perhaps the last thing you want when you buy bangles online, don’t you? Hence, ordering your bangle is the right size is essential. This is because a bangle may sit on the narrow part of your wrist but it must pass over the wider span of your hand. Thus, a bangle should be loose enough to move smoothly over your hand and yet tight enough to not fall off. All the best essentially light collection bangles are available in a range of 8 sizes. If you do not know your bangle size, our bangle size chart can help you find it.

How to Buy Essentially Light Collection Bangles?

At BlueStone, you can find a wide range of trendy essentially light collection bangles online. Most of our designs are made in 22kt gold and they don’t feature any diamonds and gemstones. What makes them irresistible is the beauty of designs and of course, the glitter of gold.

We are committed to bridging the gap between online and offline shopping experiences. Hence, we offer you the chance to customise your bangles. For example, many designs like the Enriching Pledge Bangle and the Flaxen Oblong Bangle can be made in 22kt gold or 18kt gold. Using 18kt gold will not affect the design but will reduce essentially light collection bangles price. The price of a bangle seems a little beyond your budget at first glance. But why take it as a reason not to buy it when you can customise? In some cities, we also offer next day delivery too. So, if you have forgotten to get your loved one a birthday gift, this could be your saving grace. These stunning designs from our lightweight collection will lighten up your tough day every time you wear one!

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