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Emerald Bangles

Evergreen and Eternal Beauty of Emerald Bangle Designs

Bangles are that statement accessory that comes in all shapes and sizes. Admired by the traditional and trendy jewellery aficionados alike, this piece of jewellery has the power to make you stand out from the crowd. Be it a festive gathering, dressy event, or work environment, beautifully crafted bangles always add a cheerful note to your looks; even more so when you adorn your wrists with bangles studded with emeralds

Soothing to the eyes, emeralds with their evergreen lustre make the perfect shade for mixing and matching with colourful gemstones. When combined with diamonds, they complement each other’s shiny brilliance; the contrast they create when paired with radiant rubies is nothing short of magical. Go ahead and buy emerald bangles online from BlueStone and cherish your association with these lush green stones of beauty and harmony.

Beauty that Lasts Till Eternity: Buy Emerald Bangle Designs from BlueStone

If a thing of beauty is a joy forever, then the eternity emerald bangle designs offered by BlueStone are pure bliss for a lifetime. Simply put, bangles designed in the eternity pattern feature an unbroken line of emeralds and other gemstones. Take, for instance, the hot-selling Kanari Bangle in our collection. This 18kt white gold bangle has twenty seven emeralds and diamonds set around its radiant white body. The sparkle of diamonds embedded in white gold highlights the lush beauty of green emeralds, making it an ideal pick for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Adrika Bangle is another signature eternity emerald bangle design in our collection. This is a sturdy and elegant pattern that combines the glitter of gold with the sheen of diamonds and emeralds. When you have this 18kt gold beauty adorning your wrists, you don’t need the backing of any heavy accessories to make a style statement.

The Antara Bangle is yet another scintillating piece from our eternity range. Here the emeralds are cut in oval shape giving it an even, symmetrical contour, while the rubies are given an elongated marquise cut. When adorned, the bangle creates a grand and celebratory feel. The combination of emeralds and rubies is an eternal classic and this is a perfect gift you can pick for a beautiful Indian bride.

Fashion Cuff Bangles: Style Redefined

Cuff bangles are trending as statement pieces for the chic fashionistas of today. For those who want to make an everlasting impression with uniquely designed cuff bangles, our craftsmen have come up with a mesmerising range of emerald-studded wonders. The pave cut in the Silas Cuff Bangle and the Asami Cuff Bangle accentuates the sparkle of emeralds that are set closely. These are part of our lightweight collection and will be easy on your wrists but high on the glamour quotient.

For the floral fans who like to sport trendy emerald bangle designs, we have the Mythri Flexible Bangle with two pear-shaped emeralds encircled by a halo of diamonds. The open design of this bangle adds to its convenience and functionality and makes it suitable for all hand types.

In the world of jewellery, the emerald cut is a distinct and unique rectangular cut which lends gemstones a subtle shine, unlike the brilliant cut. The elongated shape of emeralds adds an elegant charm to your slender wrists when you wear our Paragon Bangle. The off-white pearls and the matchless diamonds make this emerald bangle design a smashing hit.

Buy Emerald Bangle Designs in the Striking Pair of Green and Red

Let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of heaven dance between you – was Gibran had our Urvi Bangle design in mind when he wrote these lines? Two rows of emeralds and rubies are placed aesthetically on an 18kt gold body. The combination of green and red makes this piece an ideal companion for your colourful ethnic outfits and designer and silk sarees. Brides out there, take a note of this bangle. It can be a perfect addition to your bridal ensemble.

The cute Kirna Bangle comes with classic round-cut emeralds and rubies set in solid gold. If you are searching for a simple yet elegant bangle for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, grab this piece right away.

The Kalakriti Bangle is an artistic combination of rubies, diamonds, and emeralds all set in gold. The octagon-shaped emeralds and pear-shaped rubies make this piece a much sought-after piece in our bridal jewellery collection. What’s more? Our designers have crafted a series of ornaments – the Detachable Kalakriti Earrings, the Detachable Kalakriti Pendant, the Kalakriti Ring, etc. – in the same design. Buy them all and complete your look with a generous dose of regal charm.

The Angana Bangle and the Nima Bangle are two other designs that come with rubies in classic patterns. You can customise these designs in 14kt and 18kt gold as per your convenience. Our emerald bangle prices are competitive enough to pamper you in beautiful shades green without costing you a fortune. Go ahead and check out the collection. Owning emerald bangle designs has never been this simple and delightful.

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