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What’s the one thing that makes women go weak in their knees? C’mon guys, it’s no rocket science to know the answer to this! Yes, you finally got the right answer - Diamond is the word! There is no better thing in the whole wild world that can bring joy to a woman than those lovely sparkling, glittering diamonds!

The irresistible piece of diamond has to travel all the way from deep inside the Earth, mined, sorted, polished and cut, delivered to labs for grading, and finally makes its way to the Jewellery store! That’s how long the stunning diamonds have to wait before they finally reach you. The earliest diamonds were found in India in the 4th Century BC! 

The first recorded usage of diamonds as engagement ring was around 1400s. Even back then, diamonds rings would symbolise commitment. Over the years, diamonds have seen some beautiful craftsmanship that has enhanced the beauty of the precious jewel furthermore. 

Diamond engagement rings have always been in vogue and when it comes to engagements, they are mandatory! 

Women with shorter fingers should consider diamond ring designs with oval, pear or marquise-shaped diamonds. Bands are a strict no-no when it comes to shorter fingers. Marquise diamond design offers elongated length to your fingers, thus making them look really ravishing. 

Women with long fingers should try on square shapes such as radiant and princess, to make their finger length look just correct. 

Women with larger hands should avoid delicate rings and narrow diamond shaped rings, like emerald and marquise. Heart and round shaped rings are best for women with larger fingers and must be avoided by women with thin fingers.

All said and done, it is best to try on a ring and be a little creative with a variety of contrast styles.

Personality defines Diamond Ring choices

It is true that whatever you wear defines your style and when you are talking about the priceless diamond, you definitely want to reassure that the ring defines your style and vice versa. Diamonds come in various shapes like round, pear, oval, round, emerald, asscher, marquise, radiant, heart and cushion. If men are trying to attempt buying diamond engagement rings for surprising their partners, it is better to research well before buying the glittering jewel. 

Women with traditional outlook would prefer to buy diamond ring design that reflects her personality like a round-shaped diamond. For the fashionista, unusual cut diamonds or coloured diamonds would do the trick. However, for the die-hard romantic type, a heart-shaped diamond would work the best. All said and done, choose the ring wisely, experiment with style and shapes. Make your own style statement instead of following the rule book! 

What’s on offer at BlueStone? 

With online jewellery shopping, you don’t have to rush to physical stores to grab your favourite jewellery piece. BlueStone defines online shopping like no other jewellery brand! With something as precious as diamonds, you don’t want to chances, do you? Right from princess diamond ring to ring bands and from the heart-shaped ring to unusual two-finger ring, you name it and they have it. 

You can buy diamond rings online without worrying about the quality of the diamonds because BlueStone offers authenticated jewellery by international labs like SGL, IGI, BIS, GIA and HKD. And with their ‘Try, before you buy’ feature, you can be rest assured of the ring fitting and suitability before you actually make the payment. And with affordable diamond ring prices you just can’t resist buying one! 

The name diamond is derived from the German word Adamas, which means ‘unconquerable’. Well, the symbolic meaning itself translates into ‘commemoration of eternal love’. Let the ‘unconquerable’ diamond redefine romance for you!

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