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Diamond Eternity Rings

Shine Till Eternity with Diamond Eternity Rings

Some ornaments are more than mere means of adornment. They, on the other hands, stand for meaningful moments and events in your life. The eternity ring is one such ornament. It is one of the most romantic gifts a woman could receive. Today, these rings are often portrayed as wedding bands but it wasn’t always so. Eternity rings were traditionally gifted to a woman on her first wedding anniversary. With this ring, her husband pledged to love her for all eternity. Looking to buy diamond eternity rings designs from BlueStone as an ultimate romantic gift for your loved one? Search no more! We at BlueStone have an exquisite collection of eternity jewellery just for you. 

The Evolution of Diamond Eternity Ring Collections

In a number of ancient civilisations, a circle has an interesting symbolism. It was seen as a sign of infinity or eternity since it has o beginning or end. Over 2000 years ago, the Egyptians believed that when a man and a woman were married, their bond lasted till infinity. This bond was believed to be so strong and even death could not break it. This was symbolised with an eternity ring. Eternity rings at that time were crafted from metal and looked simple. A snake eating its own tail was a common depiction. This is known as the Ouroboros and also symbolises eternity. With time, diamonds were used to highlight the scales on the snake. As time passed, eternity rings took many shapes and forms.

At BlueStone, our designers have used a particular design technique to create eternity rings. These rings feature an unbroken line of diamonds or gemstones. That is, the entire length of the band is studded with sparkling stones. It is nearly impossible to make out where these stones begin and where they end. To a beholder, it seems that this continuous line of diamonds has no beginning or end – just like the eternity!

Types of Diamond Eternity Ring Designs

Eternity rings are the mark of a craftsman’s skills. These rings can be categorised as full eternity rings and half eternity rings. The difference between the two refers to the number of diamonds being used and how they are set on the ring. Full eternity rings feature an unbroken band of diamonds that goes all around the ring. On the other hand, half eternity rings feature diamonds only on half the ring’s surface. The half eternity ring evolved from full eternity rings. When people buy trendy diamond eternity rings online, this is often a favoured design. In the first glance, a half eternity ring has a similar look as that of a full eternity ring. Since diamonds are not used on the lower part of the ring, it is considered a more comfortable option compared to a full eternity ring. These rings are also usually priced lower than full eternity rings with the same diamond carat value.

Cuts and Settings of the Best Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamonds are the focal point of an eternity ring. Thus, when you buy diamond eternity rings online, you must pay close attention to the 4Cs of a diamond. This includes cut, carat weight, colour and clarity. When you shop with BlueStone, you can customise the colour and clarity of diamonds being used. While carat if often misunderstood as the size of a diamond, it actually refers to the weight of the gemstone. The cut of a diamond refers to the shape it is cut in. A round cut, is the most popular way to cut a diamond. Other cuts include the square cut, emerald cut, marquise and princess cut.

When it comes to eternity rings, you will also need to look at how the diamonds have been set. The three most popular diamond settings for an eternity ring are the claw setting, channel setting, and pave setting. A claw setting is also known as a prong setting and offers a ring the brightest sparkle possible. However, this is a delicate setting. The Lynsa Ring is a beautiful example of an eternity ring with a claw setting. Channel setting is considered much more secure and has an elegant appeal. This is because the diamonds are held in place by a metal band on either side. A pave setting is very similar to a claw setting. The difference lies in the number of prongs used to hold each diamond in place. In a claw setting, two adjacent diamonds are set with the same prongs. However, in a pave setting, each diamond is held in place by 4 individual prongs. This creates an encrusted look.

Getting the Size Right

Along with the design of the ring, you must also pay attention to the ring size. Our rings start at size 6 and go up to size 30. To know your ring size, simply correlate the diametre of a ring that fits you to a diamond size chart. If you do not have a ring that fits you well, wrap a strip of paper around your finger and mark the spot where the two ends overlap. Measuring this length will give you the circumference of a ring. You can use this to find a corresponding ring size that will fit you. In case, the circumference falls between two sizes, you should ideally pick the larger size.

How to Buy Diamond Eternity Rings?

Today, you can easily buy diamond eternity rings online. We offer a number of new designs in diamond eternity rings. At BlueStone we offer beautiful designs that you can browse through in the comfort of your home. So, whether it’s raining cats and dogs outside or the sun is bright enough to burn your skin, nothing can stop you from shopping for jewellery. Our rings are crafted in 18kt gold. To reduce the price of a design you could also choose to get your ring made in 14kt gold. So, are you ready to find the perfect eternity ring for your love?

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