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Diamond Engagement Couple Band Rings

Diamond Engagement Couple Band Ring Designs for the Match Made in Heaven

Just like the movie teasers that fascinate audience, engagement ceremonies are the essential pre-wedding trailers that enthrall couples and the families alike, leaving everyone wanting for more. Some may opt for a quiet closed-circle engagement ceremony while others may go in for a gala one involving families, extended families, friends, music, dance, and what not. Whatever way you choose to celebrate this unforgettable event, no engagement can be deemed complete without the exchange of engagement rings. A recent engagement ring trend on the rise is couple bands– that is, matching rings for the bride and the groom. For couples who want to celebrate their union in a unique way, we at BlueStone offer a sparkling range of diamond engagement couple band ring designs in yellow and white gold.

Diamonds for the Gleaming Couple: Diamond Engagement Ring Trends through Ages

While many cultures and communities used precious metals for making engagement rings from a long time in history, the overwhelming dominance of diamonds is a recent phenomenon. The first instance of a diamond engagement ring can be found in as early as 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria had a diamond ring made for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. However, diamonds came to enjoy the popularity they have today during the twentieth century with De Beers launching its now clichéd slogan A Diamond is Forever. Today, from classic solitaire rings to trendy cluster rings, diamonds are an integral part of engagement ring designs. The entry of diamond couple bands has taken this trend to another level altogether. Nowadays couples prefer matching ring designs for the engagement ceremony. The unity and oneness depicted through these bands make them the most sought-after ring design among modern couples. The eternal charm of diamonds enhances the appearance of these rings giving them an everlasting grace.

Diamond Engagement Couple Band Rings for the Couple That Completes Each Other

When you buy diamond engagement couple band rings online from BlueStone, you can opt for designs studded with a single diamond or choose ones that come with the sparkle of multiple diamonds. In the single diamond range, we have breathtaking designs made of gold. The Niamh Ring for Her, a popular design from our Celtic collection, features a series of interwoven knots and a sparkling diamond set in the centre of the band. We have the matching Niamh Ring for Him in the same pattern.

If you are seeking ring designs with the richness of the precious gold, go for the Purette Ring for Him and its female counterpart. This is a classic band made of 18kt gold with a single diamond placed securely in the centre. The Clasped Band for Him and the Aphaea Ring for Him and their female versions are other eye-catchy designs in our single stone range of diamond engagement couple band ring designs.

Buy Diamond Engagement Couple Band Ring Designs with Multiple Diamonds

Those who want that extra sparkle on their engagement rings may try designs from our multi-stone couple bands collection. The Dual Sonata Ring for Her is a two-stone wonder created by our designers and you can complete the pair with the Dual Sonata Ring for Him. If you prefer the jumbo sparkle of diamonds, opt for the Antoine Ring for Her and its male version that are studded with fifteen diamonds each set in gold. The Ezio Ring for Her with the vertical stripes of diamonds is an exceptional design to adorn your fingers when you proclaim your commitment to each other. The Apollo Ring for Him has a celebratory look without being flashy.

Apart from gold, white gold is also the preferred choice for many couples these days. The neutral shade of white gold blends in with the western wear and Indian wear alike. The Riam Ring for Him that comes along with the Riam Ring for Her is a bright and sparkling design with ten diamonds set in white gold.

An engagement is a very special moment that signifies your bonding. A relationship that lasts forever deserves nothing but the best. Let us be your trusted companion in this sacred union. With BlueStone offering you an enchanting range of designs, you don’t have to visit one store after the other to select this significant piece of jewellery. Buy diamond engagement couple band rings online from Bluestone where you get to select a favourite ring and also try it on at home before you make the purchase. What’s more? Our diamond engagement couple band ring price is affordable and competitive, so you can buy matching rings for you and your partner without spending a fortune.

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