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Cluster Earrings Designs that Accentuate Your Signature Style

To begin with, cluster earrings are classy and add a footnote of lustre to your already elegant style statement. These earrings, as the name suggests, feature a cluster of diamonds or gemstones which give them a mega sparkle. Decked with the radiance of pearls, the shimmer of diamonds, and the iridescence of gemstones, the excellence of cluster earrings knows no bounds.

The cluster earring designs at BlueStone excel in the art of seeking attention without appearing to crave for it. Thanks to our ever-growing collection, you can now buy cluster earrings online and be part of a fabulous fashion trend driven by celebrities and fashionistas. Be it your traditional anarkali or a lavish low-cut black dress, you will always find these designs handy any time you need a dash of dazzle to accompany your attire.

Diamonds and Diamonds Only: Earrings in the Classic Cluster Setting

The cluster setting first entered the world of jewellery as a cost-effective alternative to large, expensive solitaires. In the typical cluster setting, a number of tiny diamonds are placed in a cluster cleverly and tightly to create the visual impression of a large single stone. A unique feature of this setting is that these stones reflect light from multiple directions, thereby creating a jumbo sparkle.

At BlueStone, we have a great range of earrings designed in the classic cluster setting. Take, for instance, the Kaareva Stud Earrings and the Angostura Earrings in white gold. You will, for a moment, doubt whether they owe their sparkle to a single diamond or multiple diamonds. Same goes true for our Alexa Earrings and Schnapps Earrings, both of which carry the lustre of diamonds and the glitter of gold. Other popular picks in our diamond cluster earrings include the Aashia Earrings, the Karvi Earrings, and the Sake Earrings.

Buy Cluster Earring Designs Embedded with Pearls

Pearls have the quality of timelessness engraved all over them; when etched on the cluster setting, they take the beauty of earrings to another level. Take the Dazzling Floria Earrings, for example. This off-white pearl and diamond earrings made of 18kt white gold are as magnificent as they get. The Ares Earrings made of 18kt gold also speak of the beauty of pearls and diamonds. You can rely on them to light up your oval face and step up your wedding preparations with topnotch fashion.

For more options along the same lines, you can check out the Allana Earrings, the Attina Earrings, and the Dione Earrings. Imbued with the brilliance of pearls, these earrings will never let you down no matter what you choose to pair them with.

Of Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires: Buy Cluster Earrings Online from BlueStone

Gemstones have a language of their own. Emeralds stand for opulence; sapphires epitomise nobility; and rubies radiate vivacity. Together, they redefine brilliance. Speaking of brilliance, the Lada Earrings are no less than any cluster design trending hot on the runways this season. This 18kt gold pair studded with rubies and emeralds is exactly the kind of jewellery that saves the day on a special occasion. Be it a wedding reception or a family get-together, you can always fall back on them to dazzle your way to the limelight.

And well, who needs to rack their brains over the Epitome Luxuriate Earrings? All you need to know is in the very name. Put on these 18kt gold earrings accented with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds any time you want to look regal. However, as far as the Fatima Detachable Jhumka is concerned, save this soulful, classic piece for your anniversary or a special occasion. Just imagine this pair of emerald and pearl earrings lighting up your aura.

Check out the Treasure Trove Earrings if the glitter of blue sapphire stones is how you roll. These 18kt white gold earrings, adorned with diamonds and blue sapphires, are an impeccable piece in our Amiraa Collection. For more such trendy pieces where blue sapphires romance with white diamonds, check out the Floral Harmony Earrings. Made of 18kt gold, this pair too forms an exclusive part of our Amiraa collection.

Add to Your Panache with Floral, Fashion, and Fusion Cluster Earring Designs

Have a thing for floral designs? And why not? Floral patterns are effeminate and elegant and if you have the Flowery Panache Earrings in mind, they are extremely fancy too. Made of marquise-shaped red rubies, these 18kt white gold earrings come with the twinkle of diamonds. Other floral wonders in our collection include the Utpala Earrings, the Niranjana Earrings, and the Charusheela Earrings, among others.

Speaking of fusion earrings, the Serelia Earrings are one of a kind. Yet another pair of floral earrings fed with rubies and diamonds, they look the best when clubbed with traditional outfits. The Ambar Kosh Earrings are part of our navaratna collection. With an air of Indian-ness imbued in them, they effortlessly help you reveal your ‘desi’ charm. If you are looking for more fusion cluster earrings, you can check out the Suman Sundari Earrings and the Caribou Earrings. They will flatter any dress in your wardrobe that you pair them with.

Our fashion cluster earring collection contains enviably charming pieces like the Deepal Earrings and the Alina Earrings. If you have a thing for unique and quirky designs, our Abishta Ear Cuffs and the Indulekha Front Back Earrings are just what you need to kindle the fashionista in you.

While you are out there browsing through our designs, you can filter them according to our cluster earrings price tags. We dare say that now you can buy jewellery designs that fit your budget as flawlessly as your style statement. 

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