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Adorn Your Wrists with Versatile Classic Bangles

Bangles are ornate pieces of jewellery loved by women all over India. Of late, they have also caught the fancy of women from across the world. Bangles have been a part of traditional jewellery in almost every Indian community. Today, they are used as a versatile accessory. Do you know what’s special about this unique piece of jewellery? It can transform your empty wrists into a bejewelled centre of attraction in a jiffy. Our classic bangles collection includes an assortment of classy as well as trendy bangles. What’s more? The designs we have handpicked for you are all available at unbelievable classic bangles prices. So browse our exclusive collection of classic bangles to choose your favourites.

Bangles in History

Bangles are ancient accessories that are believed to date back to 2600 B.C. They have been found in Siberia, and the ancient Roman, Indian, Mayan, and Mauryan Empires. These writ ornaments are said to be one of the oldest forms of jewellery ever discovered. In the ancient times, humans used a variety of materials to make bangles such as wood, terracotta, shells, stones, glass, copper, and more. However, things have changed with the discovery of gold. The invaluable sheen of the yellow metal captured the hearts of every jewellery lover in the human race. Thus, gold has become one of the most preferred materials for making all types of jewellery including. Bangles were not an exception to this. Today, bangles are available in yellow, white, and rose gold varieties. You can now choose from the best classic bangles from the comfort of your home.

Bangles and Indian Culture: A Brief History

Bangles have a longstanding relationship with Indian culture. Bangles have different implications in different regions of the country. However, the basic premise connecting all these traditions remains the same. It is the auspicious nature of the accessory. They are among the most important ornaments for most Indian brides. In many southern states in India, gold bangles are worn and gifted during a marriage. In western Indian states like Bengal, new brides and married women wear a red coral bangle and a white conch shell bangle. In Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, brides wear a set of red and ivory bangles called chooda. The concept of chooda is present in Maharashtra too. However, it somewhat is different from the other states. Here, brides wear chooda comprising green glass bangles along with thin gold bangles.

Elevate Your Overall Look with Our Classic Bangle Designs

We make everyday luxury a dream come true with our exclusive assortment of jewellery. Every piece in our collection is painstakingly made by the best artisans in the country. Great attention to detail goes into each and every piece we offer in our collection. You can now buy classic bangles online from our selection of jewels to become the proud owner glamorous jewellery. You can pair these with anything from a Western outfit to traditional attire. You can be sure that they will take your overall look to a whole new level no matter what you pair them with. A simple design like the Pedra Bangle goes well with ethnic and modern outfits alike. Colourful pieces like the Adhira Bangle and the Ocarina Bangle are a perfect accompaniment to traditional Indian outfits. You can buy your favorite designs online at your favourite jewellery partner, BlueStone.

Be Spoilt for Choice with Our New Designs in Classic Bangles

When it comes to jewellery, we love to pamper you with choices. Our extensive assortment of classic bangles is an epitome of class and elegance. The Netra Lattice Bangle exudes sophistication with its intricate golden lattice silhouette. The Manasa Lattice Bangle is another piece designed in the lattice pattern. They are both made of 18kt gold and studded with sparkling white diamonds. The Pleasing Leaves Bangle is a symbol of subtle charm with its simple solid frame made of 22kt gold. The bangle is engraved with a charming leaf-like pattern all over, which adds to its appeal. The Storyteller Saga Bangle is made of 18kt white gold. It is studded with seven graduating diamonds arranged in the increasing order of their size. Its shimmering silhouette makes it look simple yet sophisticated.

The Paragon Bangle is made of 18kt gold and studded with the best of pearls, white diamonds, and emeralds. This is the perfect accessory to add a glam quotient to your attire. If any of your outfits make you look bland, pair it with the gorgeous Doris Bangle. It is made of 18kt gold and studded with marquise diamonds and a smooth, round white pearl. Its design exudes a charisma you have never seen before. When you wear this bangle, prepare to be showered with never-ending compliments!

Choose from a Variety of Trendy Classic Bangles Online

The classic bangles we offer cater to the preferences and styles of every modern woman. If you want plain gold bangles, we have fabulous designs made of solid gold. Do you want a little bit of shimmer on your wrists? Our gemstone classic bangles do it for you. You can choose anything made of gold or white gold based on your style, taste, and preferences. You can also choose the purity of the precious metal used to make these bangles. Do you have a favourite gemstone? You can buy classic bangle designs that are studded with sparkling gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. That’s not all. Our collection of classic bangles contains a variety of precious and semi-precious stones including gorgeous green emeralds and flawless white diamonds. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite classic bangle design today.

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