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Gold Chand Bali Earrings

The Regal Charm of Gold Chand Bali Earring Designs

If Hollywood stars have their jewellery designs they swear by, our own Bollywood Industry is not far behind. Traditional Indian jewellery and the art from the Mughal era have given us some aesthetic jewellery designs. One such creative design is the chand bali earrings, the origins of which can be traced back to the Nizam era in Hyderabad. Many Indian actresses dressed in traditional attire are seen sporting chand bali earrings quite often.

Chand bali derives its name from the crescent moon and these earrings have one to two ornate rows in the shape of the crescent moon that are decked with precious or semi-precious stones and pearls. Sometimes there are pendants hanging from these earrings, which add to their lustrous beauty. Usually pearls are placed as danglers and these lend an ethereal charm to gold chand bali earring designs. We at BlueStone have an exciting range of chand bali earrings and these native beauties made of gold will make you look like a diva, especially when you sport them with traditional Indian outfits.

Buy Gold Chand Bali Earring Designs in the Floral Theme

Floral designs and foliage patterns have held the centre-space when it comes to jewellery designs. When you add in the beauty of crescent moons to the mix, you get exquisite floral chand bali earrings. Our mesmerising range of floral beauties made of gold will spruce up your special occasions effortlessly.

The Naila Earrings have floral studs and a crescent moon body that features leaves accented with twinkling diamonds while our Dilkash Earrings are made with intricate tendril-like patterns. The glitter of the yellow metal and the sparkle of diamonds lend these lightweight earrings the charm few other ornaments can match. Buy these gold chand bali earring designs and you can pair them up with your designer sarees, lehengas, and your evening gowns. Whether you wearing them to a party or sporting them on your best friend’s wedding, you are sure to fetch quite a few glances of admiration.

Buy Gold Chand Bali Earrings Online to Glam up Your Festive Look

Festivals and special occasions may take a lot of planning and preparation. Let jewellery shopping not take away your precious time. Buy gold chand bali earrings online from BlueStone with ease and you are all set to dazzle in your sarees and anarkalis. The Naaz Earrings are a popular pick adored by our customers and we tell you why. They feature an elaborate and stone-studded leaf pattern on the crescent moon body and the appeal of this pair is further enhanced with diamonds and pearl danglers.

Oblong earrings are known to enhance the facial features of the wearer and lend a slender look to her face. Our Nayaab Earrings featuring a crescent moon design with tapered ends are an ideal pick for women with a round face. We also have the Afroza Earrings that are simple and classy with rows of diamonds and diamond-studded danglers.

Oversize Gold Chand Bali Designs that Add a Dash of Elegance

If you prefer oversize and long gold chand bali earring designs, we have the perfect designs for you. The Mehrunisa Earrings radiate a regal charm and the crescent moon features two birds set inside the diamond-studded body. There are pearls dangling as pendants from the crescent moon. The Mumtaz Earrings are grand and festive with diamonds and radiant pearls to match the moon’s shimmer. The floral studs and the intricate pattern of these earrings make this pair a fine pick for your special occasions.

If you prefer gold and diamond pendants on your chand bali earrings, go for the large and long Nazrana Earrings which have pear-shaped gold pendants bordered with diamonds. The white pearl danglers hanging from floral studs, together with the abundance of diamonds, give these 18kt gold earrings a unique charm.

Our Zufa Earrings are a winner with two grand crescent moons accented with over a hundred sparkling diamonds and several radiant pearls. And that’s not all – the stud has a ruby in the centre and diamonds set all around it. You will not need any other accessory when you sport this majestic design to parties and royal galas. The Ghazala Earrings with more than 300 diamonds and the Asfoorah Earrings that radiate two-tone charm are other exquisite pieces for the queens of today.

Your search for a gorgeous pair of gold chand bali ends here. Shop online from BlueStone and don’t worry about your wallets as our gold chand bali earrings prices are highly competitive and affordable. Explore our collection and create your own regal saga with these finely handcrafted designs.

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