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Celeste Collection Jewellery

Expressing Fluidity with Fixedness: Celeste Collection Jewellery for You

When geometry combines with precious metals, magic happens. These elements together create a lavish realm of jewellery that is hard to resist. Geometric patterns on different metallic hues of gold look more like artwork than mere designs on accessories. BlueStone’s Celeste collection is an assortment of such exquisite jewellery. Each and every trinket in this collection will make you fall in love with art (and jewellery) all over again. This neo-classical collection of ornaments makes the best of both simple and geometric forms and rich colours. The end result is a splendid assortment of ornaments you would love to add to your jewellery collection. Explore our trendy Celeste collection jewellery online to get a taste of modern art in the world of fine jewels.

Inspired by European Style: Displaying Art Deco Design on Jewellery

The Celeste collection jewellery designs are inspired by the themes and motifs of the Art Deco style. This style was manifested through the wide spectrum of visual arts. It originated in Paris in the 1920s and influenced everything from architecture, sculptures, and paintings to decorative and graphic arts. The Art Deco style represented fashion derived from modernism. The designers who follow this style are keen to create anti-traditional, elegant, and sophisticated designs. This style of design uses nature-inspired motifs. It was deemed as one of the most exciting styles of the twentieth century. It continues to be a major source of inspiration for contemporary geometric designs. The designers at BlueStone not only took inspiration from this style. They also reimagined some of the popular motifs of the Art Deco period in this assortment of jewellery.

Creating a Sense of Motion: Is it Magic or an Illusion?

Have not we all come across images and paintings that give an impression of movement? Look at them long enough, and it seems like the strokes on the canvas are in constant motion. We have used the quirkiness of the Art Deco style and then some illusion to create our luxurious Celeste collection. The pieces in this BlueStone-exclusive assortment reflect the wealth of the neo-classic style of design from every angle. Some of the pieces have motifs that are spirals of never-ending glitter. There is a sense of harmony and sophistication in each of these pieces. Take the Lady Moonlight Stud Earrings for example. They are made of 18kt white gold and feature multiple white diamonds. There is one round diamond in the centre and many more that create a sparkling spiral. A true marvel to behold and wear! There are many more new designs in Celeste collection jewellery that will make you want to own them all.

Blending Geometric Patterns into Precious Metal

We have created a collection that screams luxury. When there are gold and diamonds to complement the metal, there is the right combination of elegance and glitter. The earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, and pendants in the Celeste collection are not just jewellery but works of art. Each of them has been specially handcrafted to suit your taste and curated to match your personality. We have used different purities of white gold and rose gold to create the pieces in this collection. While white gold is as classy as it gets, rose gold adds a touch of subtle colour to your look. You can be sure to take your style quotient to the next level when you buy Celeste collection jewellery designs.

Get a Pink Glow with Rose Gold Jewellery Designs

Rose gold jewellery is the new buzzword in the jewellery industry. Among the rose gold jewellery in this exclusive collection are some of the best designs you have ever seen. The Lady Starina Ring is an 18kt rose gold ring. The white diamonds studded on it give it a starry shine. The star motif in which the diamonds are arranged makes it look like the ring was just dropped from heaven. The Lady Sonetto Stud Earrings are pretty pieces made of 18kt rose gold and studded with white diamonds. The edgy motif on these earrings makes it stand out in the crowd.

The Lady Linea Bangle is all about sleek sophistication. It is an 18kt rose gold bangle studded with white diamonds. It features plain and diamond-studded segments on its simple geometric design. The diamond-studded Lady Swan Necklace is also made of 18kt rose gold. Don’t underestimate its simple design. This necklace is all you need to exude oodles of oomph. The Lady Godiva Pendant is a sparkler of a pendant. It is crafted from 18kt rose gold and encrusted with the finest white diamonds. The motif on the pendant creates an illusion of a spiraling sparkler illuminating everything in its way.

Buy Celeste Collection Jewellery Online at BlueStone

Each jewellery in the Celeste collection is a show stopper in its own right. And why not when it is a collection created especially for modern-classic women who love show-stopping style with a classic foundation. The streamlined aesthetics, the sleek lines, and the simplicity of this collection is evident in the Lady Grande Necklace. It’s made of 18kt white gold and studded with sparkling white diamonds. Pair it with a little black dress or a classy silk saree and you’re dressed to be the epitome of perfect style.

Speaking of style, who can say no to the Lady Sunshine Earrings? With their diamond-studded 18kt rose gold silhouette, they are great accessories to make a style statement. While the cluster of diamonds demands attention, it’s hard to ignore the geometric pattern right below. The elegant pattern is speckled with diamonds that contrast and complement the rose gold metal.

Why step out of your home when you can buy exquisite jewellery at BlueStone? The convenience of shopping from the comforts of your home and the attractive Celeste collection jewellery price makes this assortment more special. What’s more? You can also try your favourite jewellery at home before making a purchase. And all that for no extra cost!

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