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Black Earrings

Black, the evergreen colour has its special place in our lives. From the little black dress to black earrings, we just cannot get over this colour. The colour black is soothing for some, and for others it defines glamour! And if you carefully search a girl’s wardrobe, you are ought to find a pair of black earrings. You can simply pair black earrings with any attire, any colour, and you are ready for the occasion!

Choose your Earring Carefully

As they say, earrings enhance the overall look of a person. The type of earrings that are worn, should complement your attire. And the type of earrings also matters a lot. If you are going to let your hair down, then studs are not for you for that occasion. You will be wasting the sheer craftsmanship that was spent in making the earring. Similarly, if you are going to tie your hair in a nice updo, you must opt for bigger studs earrings or drop earrings, if you are going to wear traditional outfit.

With the latest black earring designs, you can find your perfect jewellery piece. Did you know that the type of earring that you wear also speaks a lot about your personality? We have zeroed down upon a few personality traits based on the type of earring that you wear!

Earrings and Personalities

With so many black earring designs to choose from, you can be truly confused. But experts say that you will pick the earring that truly defines your personality and style!

Black Pearl Studs

The best combination that one can ask for is a pair of black stud with pearls studded on the top. Timeless, classy and elegance - that’s what these earrings stand for! Personality experts say that women with great manners and approachable attitude, usually pick the pearl studs!

Black Hoop Earrings

If you are a die-hard romantic, your first choice of earring will be the hoop earring! Black hoop earrings look best with a ponytail and a casual outfit. If you are wearing a strapless evening gown and have tied up your hair neatly in a ponytail, then all you need is to pick those black hoop earrings.

Black Chandelier Earrings

How can we not notice the stunning Chandelier earrings that are worn by celebs on the red carpet? Craving for that look? Then get your evening gown out of the closet, buy black earrings online at BlueStone, and rock the show. Confidence and good fashion sense are what defines the wearer.

Black Drops Earrings

First things first. Dangling earrings are considered to be extremely sensual. So you must avoid wearing dangling earrings in a professional setup. Dangling earrings define sensuality and feminine look out of the wearer. You can pair them up with a casual outfit, and of course, a simple hairstyle, to look as elegant as ever. Don’t overdo the look by overly dressing.

Black Diamond Studs

Can you imagine the sight of diamonds set in a black stud setting? Did we hear the guys go aww! Black Diamond studs usually signify that the wearer is in a relationship. But if you aren’t in one, it doesn’t mean, you cannot gift yourself a pair of glamorous black diamond studs. These are perfect for professional outfits and look great at formal events.

Black Earrings at BlueStone

BlueStone, the online jewellery store, has a wide variety of black earrings on display. The various and styles will surely prompt you to buy black earrings online from their store. You can try the piece before you finally decide to buy it. The black studs with floral, star, circular designs that are studded with stones or diamonds, will surely make you go weak in your knees! Also, the new design of stud with drops at the back is perfect for your informal events. Just pair it up with a simple traditional outfit, and be ready to be showered with compliments!

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