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Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine Jewellery: Flaunt Delicate Tones of Icy Blue

A glorious stone, aquamarine gives close competition to diamonds. Keep your ears on the stone and you just might hear the crashing waves of the ocean. Called the gem of the sea, aquamarine’s shimmering facets will take you face to face with the ocean’s spirit, beautiful shades of its shallows, and the secrets it holds in its depths. It is considered to be the birthstone of March, which makes aquamarine jewellery a great gift for your friends and family members with a March birthday. You can buy aquamarine jewellery online at BlueStone to choose from a wide range of options in our extensive collection. From aquamarine earrings and rings to pendants, bracelets, and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you browse our collection.

The Lore of Aquamarine: A Stone Revered Through the Ages

Derived from the Latin word “aquamarina”, which translates to “water of the sea”, aquamarine has been valued throughout history. It carries many legends and myths around it. It was believed by the Romans that giving aquamarine carved in the shape of a frog to enemies reconciles them and turns foes to friends. According to another old Roman legend, aquamarine absorbs love and joins love when it is worn. The icy blue stone was also considered to be the sailor’s gem by the Romans and the Greeks, and it was believed that it would keep them safe in stormy seas.

The Egyptians, Hebrews, and Sumerians also valued aquamarine and considered it a symbol of everlasting youth and happiness. It held great significance not only in the Medieval times but also in the Christian era. It was considered to be the antidote for poison and was popular throughout Europe as at that time poisonings were common amongst royalty! Ancient literature and folklore also mention that aquamarine had divine, mystical powers and was powerful enough to bring victory in legal disputes and battles.

Mesmerising Collection: Buy Aquamarine Jewellery Designs at BlueStone

Whether you believe the ancient legends and folklore or not, you can be sure that the aquamarine jewellery in our collection is designed to impress. The pieces in our assortment of aquamarine jewellery designs reflect the playful brilliance of this precious gemstone. You can embrace its playfulness and enjoy the soothing effect of its many shades of blue by keeping it close to you in the form of exquisite jewellery. The radiance of the pale blue stone will take your breath away for sure. The unique colour of the stone ensures that it suits every skin colour and it matches clothes of any colour too. Doesn’t that make it the perfect complement to your wardrobe!

Choose from a Wide Range of Enchanting Aquamarine Jewellery

When you look at the collection of aquamarine jewellery designs at BlueStone, you will come across a variety of beautiful pieces that enthrall you with their charm. There are pieces that have one aquamarine centrepiece studded on yellow or white gold of high purity and there are pieces that display a medley of colours with different colourful stones studded on them. The Besotted Dazzle Earrings combine the brilliance of diamonds and aquamarine on their 18kt white gold base. Featuring a similar combination are the Charlene Earrings that are masterpieces in their own right. The have a transparent, greenish blue aquamarine and multiple diamonds studded on their cascading silhouette. Add a pearl to this gorgeous combination of aquamarine and diamonds and what you get is sheer extravagance, like the design of the Dream Date Earrings.

Aquamarine also lends its charm to chakra jewellery and balances your throat chakra with the Throat Chakra Earrings, the Throat Chakra Pendant, and the Throat Chakra Ring. All of these are crafted in 18kt gold and feature a sunflower design with a bright aquamarine studded at the centre of the flower. Aquamarine can make you feel like royalty when it is studded on rings. Just look at the Yorsh Ring or the Cosmopolitan Ring and you’ll understand what we mean. The Yorsh Ring is made of 18kt white gold and features an extraordinarily radiant, square-shaped aquamarine that shines brighter than the diamonds surrounding it. The Cosmopolitan Ring is made with rhodium-plated 18kt gold that makes it look like white gold and features an oval aquamarine with crystal-clear cuts and multiple diamonds.

There are many pieces in our aquamarine jewellery collection that play with colours. The Urban Charm Pendant features a pale greenish blue aquamarine, a royal purple amethyst, and a diamond between the two, all of them studded on 18kt white gold. Featuring a similar design and the same stones is the Urban Charm Ring, which makes a perfect pair with the Urban Charm Pendant. You can buy both of them and many more if you want as we offer the exquisite pieces in our collection at an unrivalled aquamarine jewellery price. Did we tempt you enough? Go right ahead and pick your favourite pieces of jewellery to add to your alluring collection of jewels.

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