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Women's Aquamarine Rings

Women’s Aquamarine Ring Designs: From Mermaids, With Love

Mermaids, without any doubt, are cool creatures. Remember those fantastic tales we all listened to while growing up - pretty mermaids, their treasure chests, and humans who travelled all the way down to the depths of oceans and came back with such treasures? While there are logical questions about their existence, one cannot but admire these aquatic beauties. If they really had a treasure chest in the depth of the mighty ocean, what would their crown jewel be?

Luckily, we seem to have an answer for that – aquamarine. Greek and Roman myths assumed that aquamarine stones were made of mermaid tears and such stones were guarded safely in the underwater world. We don’t know if mermaids exist for sure, but we know that aquamarine stones do exist and they make a friendly companion for the women of today. Take a look at the women’s aquamarine ring designs from BlueStone and you will know why mermaids are said to have guarded them with their lives. Such is the beauty of these blue-coloured jewels!

Buy Women’s Aquamarine Ring Designs to Celebrate the Blue Hues

Aquamarine stones are part of the gemstone variety beryl and named so after a Latin word meaning ‘water of the sea’. Like the seawater that exhibits various hues of blue, the aquamarine stones also occur in light, dark and, green-blue shades. The cool and breezy shade of these stones suits most skin tones and the best thing about them is their durability and ease of maintenance.

If you fancy wearing the aquatic shades of blue on your finger, buy women’s aquamarine rings online from BlueStone. The carefully crafted rings in our collection allow you make a bold and delightful expression of your unique style. What’s more, these designs are neutral enough to suit any occasion and outfit.

Topping our much sought-after aquamarine ring collection is the Besotted Dazzle Ring. True to its name, this stylish design in the deep and desirable aqua blue colour is meant to dazzle the wearer. A gemstone found in granite rocks in the bewitching shades of the deep sea is nature at its best!

The Dream Date Ring is a meeting between two beauties that are closely associated with the high seas - pearl and aquamarine. The ring features a central aquamarine stone set amidst two beautiful pearls. Made of 18kt gold, this stunning duo is your best pick for special occasions and anniversaries. 

Women’s Aquamarine Ring Designs: Cut to Perfection, Crafted with Creativity

The trillion cut is a rare and unique cut where a stone is shaped like a triangle as against the standard round or cushion cuts. The Urban Charm Ring is a colourful combination of a deep purple amethyst and an aquamarine set in triangular shapes, with a tiny diamond sealing them together. If you are considering this design, we suggest you take a look at the Urban Charm Pendant too. Together, these two pieces will complete your look.

Fancy a classic halo ring that lets you flash an over-sized stone at parties, weddings, and other dressy events? The Yorsh Ring features a large aquamarine as the central stone which is encircled by a halo of over fifty diamonds. The Cosmopolitan Ring, a double halo design, is our modern interpretation of the vintage halo setting.

You can buy women’s aquamarine rings online from our collection to spruce up your everyday jewellery collection. The Divinity Ring is a simple and elegant design for the ones who like to adorn their gracious fingers with a multi-stone piece. This is a coveted piece in the trinity collection and comes with three light blue aquamarine stones that exude the calm poise of the pacific seas.

Buy Women’s Aquamarine Rings Online and Give Your Faith the Shades of Blue

Aquamarine stones were priced possessions of ancient sailors who kept them during their journeys for a safe passage. In the modern days, wearing aquamarine stones as ring designs is also a great way of activating the energy centres of the body. These stones are related to the throat chakra and believed to enhance the art of self-expression. The Throat Chakra Ring set in solid gold is a great way to start your journey of self-expression in the best artistic way possible.

You need not dive deep into the ocean or make a trip to the magical land of mermaids to own your favourite aquamarine ring designs. Nor do you have to shell out a bomb for sporting these spirited beauties. Our women’s aquamarine ring prices are highly competitive and as attractive as the design range. Just click, try, and voila – we will reach your doorstep at the earliest with your own mermaid crown jewel. Simple, isn’t it?

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