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Amethyst Pendant Designs in Shimmering Purple Hues

Believe it or not, there was a time when amethyst was considered among precious stones and on par with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. However, the discovery of huge deposits of amethyst in Brazil and other parts of the world relegated this dazzling gem to the cadre of semi-precious stones. Amethyst might have fallen from its precious status, but it hasn’t fallen from its glory or demand. With its vibrant colour and vivacious appeal, this beautiful gem continues to charm jewellery enthusiasts and fashionistas across the globe. 

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and the most sought-after member of the quartz family. The colour of the stone can range from light violet to a deep purple bordering on red depending on the presence of trace elements, iron impurities, and irradiation. Be that as it may and whatever label it is classified under, a piece of jewellery set with amethysts is a wonder to behold and a treasure to own. At BlueStone, we offer our customers a fabulous range of products set with this shimmering gemstone. Our amethyst pendant designs are handcrafted for modern day fashionistas who want to up their bling quotient with the whimsical hues of purple.

A Quick Look at the Amethyst Pendant Designs

Amethysts look beautiful no matter what you combine it with. They look stunning on their own; when combined with diamonds and other gemstones, ornaments made with this stone acquire a dreamy appeal. They look naturally good when embedded in gold and their purplish beauty is heightened they are set in white gold. Such is the versatility and magnificence of this semi-precious stone! The designers at BlueStone have experimented with the versatility of amethysts in every way imaginable. And the results? You get a fabulous range of amethyst pendant designs to suit every style and occasion.

In our collection, there are a number of designs that sport just the amethyst. The Crown Chakra Pendant, the Ethea Pendant, and the Erica Pendant are pieces that celebrate the purple hues of amethysts. The Crown Chakra Pendant has a round-cut amethyst in a bezel setting and is featured in our Chakra jewellery collection. The Ethea Pendant has a round-cut amethyst in a prong setting and is in the shape of a gold circle encircling the stone; the rhodium plating on the pendant adds to its beauty and gives it a contemporary look.

The Erica Pendant, shaped like a flower with a round-cut amethyst set in the middle, is specially designed for the lovers of the floral theme. Buy the Erica Stud Earrings or the Erica Drop Earrings from our earrings collection to complete the look.

Purple and White: The Deadly Combination to Make a Style Statement

When you buy amethyst pendant designs from BlueStone, you have the choice of buying a combination of diamonds and amethysts. The Orabela Pendant features a semi-oval amethyst in a cap setting. It is set on the lower half of an intricate oval design with diamonds on the top portion connecting the whole pendant to the necklace. The amethyst featured on this pendant has a light purple colour, which adds to the grace and delicacy of the piece.

The Aramel Pendant has a pear-shaped amethyst that is slightly bluish in colour. There are tassel-like prongs that fall down from the sharp side of the pear and embedded with diamonds. The pendant is set in 18kt white gold and the white radiance enhances the blue tone of the amethyst.

The Fashion Aura Pendant has a white pearl in addition to the amethyst and diamonds in the design. The highlight of this piece is indeed the pearl which is set within an 18kt white gold body embedded with diamonds. Three round-cut amethysts share the space inside the ring with the pearl, adding a dash of colour to the whole ensemble and making it ideal for special occasions.

Amethyst Pendant Designs for Your Little Princess

If you have a little princess at home who loves dressing up and is a mini fashion diva, then you can buy amethyst pendants online at BlueStone designed specifically for children. The Sightly Swan Pendant for Kids is shaped like a swan as the name suggests. The neck of the swan is embedded with tiny diamonds, and the body has a light purple pear-shaped amethyst in a bezel setting.

The Snorkelling Tortoise Pendant for Kids is designed like a small tortoise with a light purple pear-shaped amethyst for its body. The front limbs are inlaid with diamonds and the tortoise is tethered to the necklace by one of the front limbs. Another cute amethyst pendant on sale is the Dawdling Penguin Pendant for Kids. This one looks like a penguin that has its tiny arms resting on its hips and an oval-shaped amethyst decorating its petite tummy. It has a tiny diamond for its eye and your darling daughter wouldn’t want to take it off her neck.

More about These Shimmering Purple Stones

Amethyst has been in use for a long time. It was used as prayer beads by Tibetan monks and as a mystical remedy for intoxication by the Greeks who embedded their wine cups with these stones. In more recent times, amethyst is considered the birthstone for those born in the month of February. So if you have your or a loved one’s birthday coming up in February, then an amethyst pendant would be the perfect gift to ask for or give.

Amethyst pendants’ price varies based on a number of factors including the size of the stone, the number of other gemstones, and the weight of gold used in the piece. There are not many stones that exhibit the wonderful purple tones that you see in an amethyst. Hence purchasing amethyst jewellery if you do not own any would enhance your gemstone collection without a doubt.

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