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Alphabet Jewellery

Alphabet Jewellery: Flaunt Your Love of Letters

Whether you want to personalise a gift to commemorate a special occasion or treat yourself to jewellery with your initial, our versatile alphabet jewellery fits the bill. It’s not only adored by kids, but even adults love the idea of wearing their initials on them. And what’s better than doing it with exquisite jewellery. The alphabet jewellery designs in our collection will enthrall you with their stylish looks crafted from gold, both yellow and white, plain and studded with precious gemstones. What’s more, you’ll find the same letter in many stunning designs. Browse our collection and look for your or your loved one’s initials now.

Letters Carved Out in Impressive Designs

Calligraphy is an art and we honour it through our alphabet jewellery. The wide array of letters in our collection exudes grace through handcrafted gold. While some letters feature a simple design, there are some that create an illusion of sorts with their smooth curves and studded framework. Great thought and craftsmanship define every aspect of their design. Whether you want a bold design with uppercase letters or want to keep it subtle with the letters carved out in lowercase, you’ll find something that appeals your choice and preferences. You can also buy alphabet jewellery designs that take you to a different dimension with their spatial effect. These pieces feature a golden lattice that makes you wonder at the artistry that has gone behind their soft curves.

Find Your Initials on Studded Alphabet Jewellery

There’s something very personal about alphabet jewellery. Every letter in our collection is designed to remind you of some or the other person who matters to you. Here’s an activity for you. When you browse through our collection to buy alphabet jewellery online, think of a friend or relative’s name for every letter you see. Is that challenging? You might even remember names of people you had a hard time remembering. Try it out, it’s fun! What makes our collection even more attractive, other than our great alphabet jewellery prices, is the radiance they exude, especially the letters that are studded with diamonds. Isn’t it something to have your initials set in gold and embossed with a gemstone?

Playful Letters Your Kids Will Love

Alphabet jewellery is especially popular amongst kids of all ages. Well, won’t you love a little kitty smiling at you from our C for Cat Necklace? Oh, you would! You can make your little ones feel special by giving them a priceless alphabet necklace from our collection. From a diamond-studded apple on the letter A to a zebra with diamond-studded ears on Z, there’s so much to choose from. Each of the necklace or pendant in our assortment of alphabet jewellery for kids features an adorable representation of something that the letter stands for. There’s T for Tiger, R for Rabbit, K for Kite, Y for Yacht, and so much more like you’ve never seen before. Take a look at our eclectic mix of letters designed for children and stunning designs that appeal to adults to choose your favourite letter.

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