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Allah Pendants

Allah Pendants: Display the Purity of Religion with Stunning Jewellery

Arabic is a mesmerising language especially in the way how its letters flow into each other so seamlessly. The Allah pendant designs in our collection are an extension of the beauty of the language and the sanctity of Islam. Most of the beautiful writings you will see on our pendants and other jewellery pay tribute to the relevance of calligraphy in Islamic art. Whether the pendant only has Allah written on it or verses from the Quran, it is designed with attention to detail, keeping the intricacies of the art and the religion in mind. Browse our collection to buy Allah pendants online and keep Allah close to your heart in the form of fine gold jewellery.

A minor form of art in Western art, calligraphy is more than the practice of writing beautifully in Islamic art. But it wasn’t always that way. In ancient times, when verses of Quran were written on parchment, there was one verse that early calligraphers kept close to their heart, which was “God is beautiful, and he loves beauty”. So they started developing styles of writing with close attention to aesthetic details, which in turn created a subtle and sophisticated art. The transformation of the humble beginnings of the written Arabic language to its form that captures beauty in every stroke of the brush through calligraphy is as mesmerising as it is enchanting. The beauty of the Arabic script transpires to its potential in various art, ornamental, and architectural forms. The aesthetic appeal derived by the use of calligraphy has made Arabic a favourite amongst jewellery designers too as it lends a talismanic component to the jewellery.

The most common symbols associated with Islam are the star and crescent, always kept together. Although the origin of the symbol isn’t Islamic, it is believed that the crescent and the star were the icons of the Ottoman Empire and were adopted during the spread of Islam. British literature mentions these symbols as metaphors for the rule of Ottoman and Persian Islamic empires. The association of these symbols with these empires was further strengthened by their use in decorating Ottoman minarets and mosques. Another symbol that finds increasing use in ornamentation is the calligraphic representation of the Arabic form of the word “Allah”. These letters of the Arabic script have become a visual representation of Islam.

Buy Allah Pendant Designs at BlueStone

Allah pendants are not just any religious jewellery. They are beautiful pieces of adornments that allow you to express yourself and your love for your faith. They are uniquely designed to stand out from amongst all other jewellery with their beauty and grace. What’s more, you can also wear them whenever you want, irrespective of the occasion as they are designed to add a touch of golden glow to your overall look. While some of them are made with plain gold, some have double tones of yellow and white, and most of them are studded with diamonds, which makes them even more precious. You can buy the pendants in our collection for yourself or as a gift as we offer them at a competitive Allah pendants price.

The Roshini Pendant is a bright and beautiful piece of jewellery made of 18kt gold. It features a crescent and a star, both studded with multiple sparkling white diamonds that give the pendant a hint of shimmer and luxurious appeal. The Murabbi Pendant is another pendant with the crescent and the star, although its design also incorporates the calligraphic representation of the Arabic word for “Allah” nestled within the crescent. A shining diamond above the Arabic letters represents the star. The Fadheela Pendant, the Shumayl Pendant, the Fidah Pendant, the Al-Malik Pendant, and the Afoze Pendant are all 18kt gold pendants, some of them dual tones that incorporate “Allah” written in the Arabic script in their design. They are all studded with one or more diamonds that take their exquisite beauty to a whole new level.

Explore our range and take a closer look at each piece. Choose the ones that appeal to you and ask for a free home try-on. Choose and pay for only the pieces that you like. We will take any piece that you did not like back without even asking a question. What more can you ask for! Have a good time shopping with us.

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