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Gold Rings

2 to 5 Grams Gold Rings: For the Love of Gold

You’re never too young or too old to buy a gold ring. While you may still look twice at a man who sports earrings, men and women claim an equal right over rings. Gifting a ring like to another person symbolises love, friendship, loyalty and a bond to be shared for eternity. However, you don’t always have to wait for someone to gift you a ring. Today, you can easily buy 2 to 5 grams gold rings online as a gift for yourself. Here is a collection for you to explore.

Lightweight yet Stunning

It is a misconception that cocktail rings need to be heavy. A ring doesn’t have to weigh a ton to make a statement. Precious stones studded on lightweight gold rings like the Mauresque Ring or the Venus Ring make it difficult to not notice these designs. Similarly, when it comes to cocktail rings, the Parvaneh Ring and the Baileys Ring are two of our bestselling 2 to 5 grams gold ring designs.

Buy 2 to 5 Grams Gold Rings Designs for Men

Our lightweight collection of gold rings is loved by both men and women. Designs like the Felix Ring and the True Love Band for Him are two of our bestselling rings when it comes to light weight wedding bands. For men who like to wear rings to remind them of their religious beliefs, the Om Kantha Ring and the Ganesha Benevolence Ring are popular choices. Women aren’t the only ones who like receiving a gold ring as a gift on a special occasion. The Enduring Bond Rakhi Ring from our 2 to 5 grams gold rings collection is sure to bring any brother and sister closer.

White, Yellow or Rose - What do You Like the Best?

In its pure form, gold is a bright yellow but this gold cannot be used to create jewellery. This is because pure gold or 24kt gold is very soft and cannot hold its shape as a delicate ring. Hence, when gold is used to create jewellery, it is mixed with other metals to form a stable alloy. These metals not only give stability to gold but also influence the colour of gold. The yellow glow that we usually associate with gold rings such as the Lynsa Ring and the Floral Elegance Ring is caused by the addition of zinc or copper.

On the other hand, if nickel or palladium is added to gold, the result would be a whiter shade of gold. This is known as white gold and is further coated with a thin rhodium layer to give it the brightness you can see in the Shirley Ring or the Alfons Band. Most of our designs in white and gold can be custom made in either colour. Many of our new design in 2 to 5 grams gold rings are also crafted in rose gold. This trendy pink hue is achieved by mixing copper with gold. Some of our most popular rose gold rings are the Lady Grace Ring, the Kendra Ring, and the Aaren Crown Ring.

Make a Fashion Statement with Trendy Ring Designs

Along with rose gold rings, open ended rings and two finger rings are also becoming more popular day by day. In our effort to present trendy 2 to 5 grams gold rings online, our designers have also created a range of such designs just for you. If you like gold, take a look at the Dixita Paisley Ring and the Zenith Top Open Ring. However, if you prefer the appeal of white gold or rose gold, the Madhunisha Ring or the Aamara Ring should be perfect for you. You could also get yourself a two finger ring like the Erin Ring, the Pearla Ring or the Ophelia Two Finger Ring.

Nature Inspired Light Weight Rings

Nature is one of the biggest inspirations for our designers. While designs like the Isabel ring and the Eartha Ring literally recreate the look of having flowers wound around your fingers, designs like the Chimayo Ring and the Baylea Ring display a stylized interpretation of these flowers. Apart from flowers, motifs inspired by birds and animals also find their way into designs like the Perch Ring, the Twitter Ring, and the Tortoise Ring.

Best 2 to 5 Grams Gold Rings for the Romantic Soul

Rings have always been associated with romance, and rightly so. Though traditionally not part of Indian weddings, today it is quite impossible to imagine a ceremony without the exchange of rings. However, a wedding isn’t the only occasion to show your partner your romantic side. Lightweight rings like the Amadis Ring or the Ultimate Love Ring are designed around a heart motif that is seen as the universal symbol of love. Other popular designs that are centred on this motif include the Innocent Love Ring, the Nedra Ring and Pendant and the Lia Heart Ring.

How to Buy 2 to 5 Grams Gold Rings Online?

When you shop with us at BlueStone you can experience the benefits of shopping online and offline together. We offer you the opportunity to explore a host of designs from the comfort of your home and yet give you the benefits of offline shopping such as customisation of designs and the option of trying on a ring before you buy it. Our designs are typically made in 18kt or 22kt gold but can be custom made in 14kt gold as well if you need to customise the design to make it fit your budget. Do note that this does not affect the quality or longevity of your ring in any way. You can also choose to customise the cut, clarity and colour of precious stones being used in a ring. So, what are you waiting for? Make today the day you add a beautiful ring to your jewellery collection.

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