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Women's Tourmaline Rings

Women’s Tourmaline Rings: Colours and Colours Only

Life gives you immense reasons to celebrate. Special occasions with family and friends add colours to life. Make all such moments a spectacular and fabulous affair by marking them with precious stones and gorgeous sets of ornaments. What better highlights your colourful moments than the ever-charming, fabulously colourful tourmalines? This gorgeous gemstone is so versatile that it is available in different forms and colours, and accentuates the design of any ornament. Paying tribute to this unique quality of tourmaline stones is the women’s tourmaline ring designs offered by bluestones. Soaked in glamour and shimmering with unbeatable beauty, these pieces are perfect for any festive occasion, cocktail evening, or grand get together and parties. They not only lift your mood, but make for the most intense and fierce pieces to own this party season.

Know the Stone before You Buy Tourmaline Rings

In the world of gemstones, some stones are better known than others. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds belong to this category. You, however, shouldn’t underestimate lesser known members of the gemstone family. Tourmalines are a fine example of how a semi-precious gemstone can be a strong contender – both in terms of beauty and in terms of popularity – many precious gemstones.

The distinguishing feature of this gemstone is the variety of colours it is available in. It was for the same reason that tourmalines were mistaken for other stones, for a long time in history. From lush green and deep blue to rich red and soft pink, this stone comes in an unparalleled range of colours. It is also available in the colourless variety, which is known as Achroite. Canary, Rubellite, Indicolite, and Chrome tourmaline are the names given to the yellow, pink/red, blue, and dark green varieties of this stone, respectively. The Watermelon Tourmaline, an exquisite type of this gemstone, is called so because of its green and red colours. The Paraiba Tourmaline has a neon blue colour and owes its name to the Paraiba, a place in Brazil where it was first found.

Colourful Floral Inspirations: Buy Women's Tourmaline Ring Designs

An intense play of colours and designs instilled by floral patterns is seen in this exorbitant variety of flowery gemstone collection. All these rings contain either a huge tourmaline stone or smaller pieces of the stone set in intricate patterns. If you adore diamonds, try the diamond infested design of the Batida Ring with a central green tourmaline or the multi-coloured tourmaline petals of the Carmela Ring with a rim and twirl of diamonds above the flower.

Talking of well-defined floral inspirations, there is the alternating pink and yellow tourmaline play of the Oriana Ring with a diamond core or the concentric circles of multicolour tourmaline and diamond strips in the Daria Ring. These designs are pretty intense and are no less than showstoppers of a party or special occasion.

Some of the other bold and fierce women's tourmaline ring designs can be seen in the Earlina Ring and the Haylie Ring. While the former has pink tourmaline flowers with green tourmaline petals, set in pretty rose gold strands, the latter has three well-defined flowers set in colourful tourmaline gemstones. If you like statement pieces, then this series ought to do the trick. Check out the patterns of the Elysa Ring and the Ornella Ring. These rings have two full flowers and two half flowers giving the rings a rather distinct appearance. Wear to a party or royal gala and you will have glances of adoration coming your way in no time. Skim through the women's tourmaline rings price and take your pick out of the abundant lot.

The Twirls and Rose Tints of Tourmaline: Buy Women's Tourmaline Rings Online

Some of the fanciest patterns of the collection include pieces that feature multiple colours of tourmaline, twisting and twirling in various ways. Try the double rims and gorgeous-coloured studs of the Fiora Ring. Made of gold and studded with marquise-cut tourmalines of multiple colours, this two-finger ring is an absolute stunner.

If you love statement pieces that make heads turn, then you must invest in the Floriana Ring. This ring has a rather elongated pattern with alternating yellow, green, and pink tourmaline gemstones along the central length of the ring. As if these were not enough, you have the Fabia Ring which has the additional sparkle of diamonds to boast of. Need we say more? Take your pick from some of the most exotic pieces at BlueStone and buy women's tourmaline rings online.

Pink is the Warmest Colour: Pink Tourmaline Rings for Women

Who says tourmaline is available only in yellow or green? Well, we at Bluestone have designed statement pieces with pink tourmaline for the woman who just cannot part with her favourite rose tint. Choose from the cuboid of the Sambuca Ring consisting of nine pink tourmaline stones in a square diamond rim or the single rectangular chunk of pink tourmaline in the Classic Regal Ring. The varieties are endless.

If you are looking at a chakra ring with its pinkish mauve stud, then you must go with the Heart Chakra Ring. For those satisfied with smaller pink specs of stones, the Apolonius Triad Ring can be the best pick. The classic oval shaped gemstone with a linear arrangement of diamonds on either side can be seen in the Absolute Splendor Ring. As you can see, pink is powerful and the pieces here speak volumes of splendour and glamour. Try these from the comfort of your homes and buy women's tourmaline ring designs from the pieces you admire the most.

When life gives you colourful gemstones, why say no to a ring made with them? Buy a tourmaline ring from us today. Our offers and discounts, buy-back policies, home trial, and customisation option will add more colour to your shopping experience.

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