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Tanzanite Ring Designs: Tantalisingly Yours

Some stones make you theirs forever. They come to possess a strong sense of control and power. Diamonds made the entire human race mad after them; we sought them for proposals, weddings, or to commemorate any big event in our lives. Well, same is the case with this semi-precious stone called tanzanite. It captures one attention with its lush blue velvet colour, promising one of the deep secrets that lie within the depths and cuts of its surfaces. It lures the wearer to a deep exotic feeling of accomplishing something far beyond one’s reach - like a deep blue sea or the vast expanse of blue skies. This feeling of achievement matches the fact that the exotic tanzanite stone is only found in one place on Earth – at the foot of the majestic Kilimanjaro Mountains. And what’s more- it has been a relatively recent discovery in the jewellery sphere.

People are amazed at this stone which reflects different colours when tilted in different directions. The wonders of the stone never cease to amaze. That explains the rush we feel when we lay hands on any jewellery made out of tanzanite. At BlueStone, we are on the journey to shape the finest tanzanite rings to suit your wardrobe and fine taste in jewellery. We present to you our stunning collection of tanzanite ring designs. These blue beauties are sure to make you a slave of their sheer lustre and aura. The deep blue shades of this stone are so charming that you might abandon your sapphires for them. 

At the Heart of the Matter: Buy Tanzanite Rings Online

Hearts and jewels gel well and we knew that risks cannot be taken with such a rare stone. So we present the two rings that would make your hearts skip a beat. The Samorn Ring and the Philasa Ring are gorgeous heart-shaped rings that will highlight the hues of the lovely tanzanite perfectly on your fingers. The Samorn Ring has a shiny gold band with a mesmerising diamond heart contour which enwraps the solid tanzanite heart cut stone inside.

In the Philasa Ring, the tanzanite heart is set to a corner of the outer diamond encrusted contour in gold. These make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or for those who have moved along the path of love. You can also buy these tanzanite ring designs as the 24th wedding anniversary rings since tanzanite stones are earmarked to celebrate that year. The glistening of the tanzanite heart paints a beautiful journey imbibing love, faith, and trust. We, at BlueStone are waiting to pick your order of your favourite tanzanite ring design today.

Where Fusion Meets Classic

At BlueStone, we aim to give our customers all that they desire in a single collection. Hence in the tanzanite ring design collection, we have the two most exotic pair of rings that meet the demands of the fusion and the classic design lovers. So now when you buy tanzanite ring designs online, you will surely find your favourite pair at BlueStone. The Kamikaze Ring is a heavyset contender of the entire collection with its huge square-cut tanzanite encased in a halo of diamonds and a band of white gold having two more threads of diamonds running midways. It is the perfect choice for your cocktail collection and any festive occasion that you want to flaunt your rock to. The white diamonds perfectly complement the darker tones of the tanzanite and present the ideal contrast.

The Pegu Ring is the beautiful fusion design that is your companion to all your gatherings, parties, and special occasions. It has the magic of the Jazz and the Blues. The Pegu Ring has a round cut tanzanite stone and at its crown and bottom, it is surrounded by a line of diamonds. It further has three bands of diamonds on either side of the stone, which add to its overall appeal. It’s a cluster design which speaks volumes about your style statement and your hip sense of fashion.

Buy Tanzanite Rings from BlueStone

When you have the option to get your favourite pieces of jewellery at your doorstep, why spend time going from one shop to another? Come and buy tanzanite ring designs online at BlueStone today. When you buy a ring from us, you can make use of our 30 Day Money Back scheme and the Home Try-on Offer to enjoy the best shopping experience you would have ever had. The transparent pricing schemes on our tanzanite rings prices are sure to make your life joyous. It’s quite a catch, needless to say. Additionally, we Lifetime Exchange and Buyback guarantee on the pieces of jewellery we sell. So, explore our collection and take home one of these blue stunners we have designed especially for you.

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