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Soulmist Collection: Expressing Tranquillity through Jewellery

Have you ever watched Sufi dervishes whirling in absolute abandon? There is something soothing and divine about it. Their spinning is meditative. Their robes dance in harmony with the tune of their movement. The entire performance takes you to a meditative trance as well. Our Soulmist collection is inspired by Sufism and pays tribute to its soulfulness. Everything about Sufism - its mystics, art, poetry, and culture - enchants us. The jewellery in this collection exudes the same mysticism and serenity you would expect from Sufi art and culture. This BlueStone-exclusive collection includes a variety of stunning earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, rings, and more. Browse our Soulmist collection designs to experience complete bliss.

Creating Fine Jewellery Taking Inspiration from Sufism

Sufism is not a religion. It, on the other hand, is a way of life. It is an ancient practice of finding and living a deeper identity other than the superficial personality. It is an art of delving into selfless actualisation and experiencing truth. The followers of this mystical system are called Sufis. They believe that finding the truth of divine knowledge and love is possible only through directly experiencing God.

They realise this union with God using a variety of rituals and practices. This includes writing and reciting poignant and divine poems and hymns. Sufism has some of the most beautiful Islamic literature to its credit, written by Sufis in their quest to be one with God. At BlueStone, we take inspiration from this selfless love to create designs that will make you feel the words of Rumi in our gold jewellery.

The Art of Whirling: Vivid Jewellery Designs that Rouse Your Soul

One of the most exquisite and divine celebrations of spirituality is demonstrated by a Turkish Sufi order. The members of this order practise the fine art of contemplation of God and meditation through spinning. They are fondly called – yes, you guessed it right - the whirling dervishes. They put up a drama of faith and an act of love with their ritual whirling. Some of the jewellery pieces in our Soulmist collection match the same mood and drama. This golden assortment is as mesmerising as the trance-inducing movement of the dervishes. The Rumi Drop Earrings are an epitome of Sufiana. These diamond-studded drop earrings made of 18kt gold are designed to resemble a dervish’s whirling ensemble.

The elaborate filigree work in some of the pieces is repetitive. Yet, it offers a sense of balance, just like Sufi music. The pieces in this collection are a mixture of designs that are light, airy, and balanced. The coordinated patterns of these designs add a hint of divinity too. Thus, we capture the essence of Sufi art, music, and poetry together on gold. Do you want to add such a divine piece to your jewellery box? Buy Soulmist collection designs from us today!

Earrings that Reflect Your Inner Beauty

Earrings are an integral part of every woman’s jewellery box. No matter how gorgeous your attire is, your look is incomplete without a pair of earrings. Your earrings are the first accessories anyone notices. They are also often a true reflection of your personality. The earrings in this collection are designed to bring out your inner glow. For earrings that reflect the glitter in your heart and eyes, you can buy Soulmist collection online at BlueStone.

Those who love fine jewellery cannot say no to the drop earrings in this collection. The Saara Drop Earrings are divine pieces of jewellery crafted from 18kt gold. The precious yellow metal is intricately carved to feature a beautiful pattern. The Sheen Drop Earrings are another pair made of 18kt gold. Shimmering white diamonds and flawless white pearls complement its fine design. Fancy something that exudes an irresistible Sufi charm? Go for our Sufiana Drop Earrings. They are made of 18kt gold and studded with white diamonds. They’re not mere earrings; they are precious works of art. There’s a lot more lined up for you. Keep checking back as we add many more new designs in Soulmist collection.

Heavenly Rings that Transcend All Earthly Beauty

Among the trendy Soulmist collection online, we have curated an assortment of gorgeous rings. The Saima Ring is a showstopper we have designed exclusively for you. It is made of 18kt gold and meticulously carved into a jaali design. Contrasting the two layers of gold lattice is a smooth, round, white pearl. The pearl is surrounded by sparkling white diamonds. The stones and the precious yellow metal together exude a sense of balance, which is the essence of Sufism. The Mir Ring is a simple yet sophisticated piece of jewellery that can instantly lift your look. The golden lattice is the highlight of this 18kt gold ring.

Bangles, Necklaces, and More

That’s not all! We have an assortment of ornaments that reflect the spirit and mood of Sufism. The Amina Bangle is an 18kt gold bangle with a diamond-studded jaali pattern. It exudes the femininity and balance that is at the core of Sufi art. The Sehra Pendant features a similar pattern, also encrusted with white diamonds. It is made of 18kt gold and is the perfect piece of jewellery for elevating your look. The Sumiya Necklace is an epitome of grace and sophistication. It is crafted from 18kt gold and is studded with white diamonds. Its design has the mystical charm of Sufism. The patterns it features are as repetitive, airy, and coordinated. It will surely remind you of the whirling movement of the dervishes.

Guess what? Our Soulmist collection price won’t come in the way of your love of gold. We have created a little something for every budget in this special assortment. Explore our collection to experience tranquility in the world of jewellery. Through jewellery, you will witness a majestic realm inspired by the profound influence of Sufism. And it’s all for you. Buy, wear, and feel divine!

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