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Silene Collection: A Sparkling Tribute to Nature

Nature created a wide variety of forms and each one is fascinating. The concentric petals in a flower, patterns formed by entangled roots, and ripples in a river are just a few natural themes you can find around you. Some of these naturally occurring patterns are so beautiful that you wish you could capture their beauty forever.

And we have done just that!

Our Silene collection designs are a tribute to such wondrous patterns found in nature. From architects to chefs, Mother Nature inspires everyone. Flowers, leaves, and the gentleness of nature inspire jewellery designers as well. The collection comprises of earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles, and rings. Like everything made by nature, each design is one of a kind and a showstopper in its own right.

What’s So Special about This Collection?

For starters, the very design concept of this collection is nothing short of absolute brilliance. Biomorphism is the central idea behind it. So, what is biomorphism? This is a way of modelling elements along the lines of naturally occurring shapes and patterns. A leaf-shaped platter, spiral staircases, a honeycomb bookcase, etc. are examples of Biomorphism in everyday life. When such patterns are translated into jewellery, you get stunning trinkets like the ones you see in this collection.

Another defining feature of this collection is the choice of metal and gemstones. Our designers have used two shades of gold to create the pieces in this stunning collection – the classical gold and the whimsical rose gold. And each item in this collection is studded with sparkling diamonds too. A combination as irresistible as nature, don’t you think?

When you buy Silene collection designs, you will see both direct and indirect depictions of natural life. For example, the Scilla Stud Earrings can be easily identified as flowers. And as the name suggests, they are inspired by scilla flowers. On the other hand, the Ripple Stud Earrings pay homage to the ripples formed on the surface of rivers. There is more to explore. There is more to marvel at. Keep browsing through the collection.

Make or Break Your Look with Earrings

Earrings are the backbone of any woman’s jewellery collection because they can make or break your look. Like different flowers bloom in different seasons, you need different earrings for different occasions. The Silene collection offers a wide range of studs, hoops, and danglers to complement your outfits. All you need to do is to choose a pair that best suits your face.

The Skein Hoop Earrings are delicate and ideal for everyday office wear. The word skein means loosely knotted yarn or thread. And the pattern used on this pair looks exactly that, like a coiled thread. These gold stunners are all you need to rock the boardroom like a diva.

Meeting someone special for a date or friends for brunch - pick earrings that make a subtle style statement. The Carya Hoop Earrings will do just that. And then there is the cocktail party where you need to make an impression. To be in the spotlight, you can’t go wrong with the Perrin Drop Earrings made of gold. For a more quirky appeal, go for the Crevasse Drop Earrings made of rose gold.

Pendants and Necklaces: The Perfect Gift

Whether it is a festive occasion or birthday, a pendant or necklace is a beautiful gift. Our new designs in Silene collection are ideal for women of all ages. If you are looking for something dainty, take a look at the Skein Pendant or the Crevasse Pendant. Both these designs have matching earrings, so you can be paired with these earrings to make a complete set.

There are more such matching designs in this collection. For example, you could gift someone the Xenia Stud Earrings and the Xenia Pendant together as a set or you can choose to buy them individually. Looking for something more stunning and elaborate? A necklace like the Skein Necklace is the ideal gift for an engagement or wedding.

Express Yourself with Bangles

Bracelets and bangles are the most noticeable pieces of jewellery a woman can wear. Today the line between bracelets and bangles is blurry. Like bracelets bangles too are available with clasps that open and close. This makes them much easier to put on and take off. No more soaping your wrist!

The Silene Collection features a beautiful rose gold bangle called the Carya Bangle. If you like, you could pair it with thee Carya Ring and complete your look. The Carya designs celebrate the fluidity of natural forms and the pod-like patterns you often see in seeds.

Put a Ring on It

A cocktail ring can instantly add oomph to your outfit. The Scilla Ring and the Ripple Ring are two of our best Silene collection designs in rose gold. If you prefer the soft glow of gold or the cool allure of white gold, take a look at the Carapace Ring.

Keeping with current fashion trends, the Silene collection also offers an open-ended ring. Elysia Ring has a blooming flower on end and a cluster of diamonds on the other. It’s almost as if one end has the flower in full bloom and the other holds a bud.

How to Buy Silene Collection?

The Silene collection is available online only with BlueStone, India’s leading online jeweller. This collection has been designed with the modern, Indian woman and the different facets of her nature in mind. Many pieces from the trendy Silene collection online feature rose gold. The blushed tones of this type of gold suit all skin types. Like gold, it is warm but like white gold, it is modern.

When you buy Silene collection online, you can choose to customise the carat value of your design. Being diamond-studded jewellery, all these designs are made of 18kt gold. However, you could get them made in 14kt gold which, in turn, will reduce our Silene collection prices.

Each piece of the Silene collection is special. Like flowers, these pieces of jewellery too will always make you smile and feel loved.

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