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Shards Collection Jewellery: The Elegance of Expressive Minimalism

Do you like to dress up? Of course, you do! After all, you are a truly modern woman. Your persona is reflected in your lifestyle. The way you dress up says a lot about you too. Your style cannot be copied. Because it is unique just as you are. For a unique style like yours, some special add-ons are a must. Some rare yet fashionable jewellery will do.

Thinking where to find them? Where else but at BlueStone! Designs in our Shards Collection jewellery can be the right choice if you are looking to spruce up your professional or party look in an unconventional way. Come, let’s explore the collection a little deeper.

Shards Collection Designs: A Foolproof Way for that Out-of-the-box Appeal

Unlike, old-fashioned jewellery, they are lightweight and chic. The trendy Shards Collection jewellery helps in making a bold and unique statement! They are high on style yet very subtle. You can easily wear them to the office. What’s more! These pieces are also apt for parties and grand celebrations. You can even pair them with a designer dress for red-carpet events. We assure you will look no less than a star!

Asymmetry also plays a key role in this collection. Have you seen a piece of glass break? If you pick two pieces of broken glass you will see how different they look! We love the asymmetrical perfection of such shards. That is where this collection got its name from. The best Shards collection jewellery designs showcase parts similar to shards. A great example is the Fervour Drop Earrings. The dangling shard-like pieces adds edginess to it, both literally and figuratively. Whereas, the 0.3180 Ct diamonds make it dazzle.

Our designers have crafted them with the unique tastes and jewellery preferences of modern divas in mind. Jewellery like this must be costly, right? Wrong! The Shards Collection jewellery price is within your budget. All you need to do is select the ones you want.

What Makes the Shards Collection Jewellery Special?

Time and trends wait for none. There was a time when ladies would wear gold jewellery only on special occasions. But, that rule has changed. The new-age woman loves to look fashionable every day. Her needs are different. She wants to be noticed for the right reasons. Jewellery that screams for attention is not for her. Only a mild touch of bling is what she likes. The Shards collection jewellery designs meet her demands. They are not just trendy. They help you stay ahead of trends. This collection also offers plenty of options. You can pick necklaces, rings and earrings as per preference.

Minimal designs have been ruling hearts across the globe. Even the biggest fashion houses have tried minimalism. Our Shards Collection is also inspired by it. The pieces in this collection are sleek. They are fuss-free. Yet, they do not lack eye-catching glamour. They have an artistic flair comparable to the lovely Haikus. For example, have a look at the Oomph Ring made of 0.0900 Ct diamonds and 18Kt gold. Its unique shape is its trending point. Such a design is hard to ignore or forget.

Are the Shards Collection Designs for You?

Are you afraid of the limelight? Rather, you know how to make the most of it. You are confident in your abilities. You flaunt your flaws with a rare bravery. You are not even worried about being size zero or having a perfect ten body. You love the way you are. For a woman who is only defined by her uniqueness, the Shards Collection is the ideal choice. The best thing about this collection is that it is absolutely different than the rest. It is a fresh and exciting change from the run-of-the-mill jewellery. It neither lacks creativity nor the feminine charm.

Despite being gorgeous, they perfectly complement your no-nonsense style of dressing. Always on the go, you get little time for changing for a date after office. These fashionable pieces give your solids and pastels the necessary glam look. You are a woman of classical tastes. Tacky or outrageous doesn’t describe your style. At the same time you enjoy experimenting. Buy Shards collection jewellery online for that right pinch of edginess. You are fond of solitaires. But not those straight bands clad with diamonds. Something adventurous like the Ardour Ring is more your style. It combines the geometric shape of shard with the elegance of a single, gleaming diamond.

Fascinating Shards Earrings

From twinkling studs to gorgeous drops, the Shards collection has it all. Those fond of minimalism can try the Aplomb Stud Earrings from this range. It has a three-dimensional design with one side studded with diamonds. Though smaller in size, this asymmetric design will draw attention to you. The Vigour Stud is another stunning option. You may also find the Espirit Stud Earrings to be a match for your personal style. Let the 0.2200 Ct diamonds studded on this pair of earrings glitter intriguingly from your ear lobes.

Chained drop earrings are one of the most loved fashion trends at present. You will find the top pop-stars and models sporting this style. The Pizzazz Drop Earrings can be your answer to this trend. A string of diamonds connects the stud and shard parts of this piece. There is also the Vigour Drop Earrings with a chain from which the gold shards hang.

Have a thing for Sui Dhagas? We have some of the best ear threader designs in this collection. The Vitality Sui Dhaga Earrings and the Vivacity Sui Dhaga earrings are two such stunners. Wear them to the next cocktail party and make a few heads turn in admiration. An exquisite and edgy piece like this is a conversation starter, for sure!

Unconventional Shards Rings

The easiest way to be glamourous is slipping a ring on. The Shards collection has a number of splendid ones. The Chic Ring is a superb example of understated charm. It’s an open ring design with diamond-studded asymmetrical shards at either end of the opening. A truly chic piece, as the name suggests!

Want something that will make everyone envious of you? The Savoir Vivre Stackable Ring can be it. It has three parts - each with an astonishing design- which can be stacked together to form the final ring. They fit each other to make a chunky ring full of panache. Wear it to give your attitude a sharper edge. Want to wear each piece separately? Well, you can try that too!

How about sporting the verve of sophistication on your beautiful fingers? Buy Shards collection jewellery designs like the Couth Ring. A spunky design paired with swanky diamonds, this is a standout piece. Minimalist yet stunning, this workwear ring will give your professional attire a facelift, quite instantly.

Striking Shards Necklaces and Pendants

Have a meeting with a prospective client? Clueless what to wear to the office party at the five-star resort? Nothing gets you ready quicker than an excellent necklace. The Shards collection pendants and necklaces offer the exact dose of glitz. Give the Oomph Necklace a try. It’s nothing more than a simple chain with a diamond-studded central piece attached to it. Yet, true to its name, this piece exudes lots of oomph and glam.

There are several new designs in Shards Collection that you can check out. Adorn something exceptional like the Flair Necklace. Like the Oomph Necklace, this too features a simple design, but what adds to its unique appeal is the three dimensional and diamond-studded shard which acts as its central piece. Want something lighter yet equally vibrant? The Fervour Pendant should be your pick. It has a round cut diamond which is placed just above a simple shard design. A celebration of asymmetry, we may say!

With the array of facilities like the home trial option, easy returns, and hassle-free exchange, you don’t have to ponder upon how to buy Shards collection jewellery. Life never comes in neat patterns. Then why choose jewellery with impeccable symmetry? Give such neat and symmetric patterns a miss and try an asymmetric trinket from this collection. You will never regret it. We promise!

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