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Sapphire Bracelet Designs for Your Beautiful Wrists

There is something special about bracelets, isn’t there? They are dainty, charming, easy to wear, and of course, they go with any kind of outfit. They are the perfect wrist mates for men and women who prefer something light and classy over heavy and stone-studded bangles and kadas. What’s more? Unlike bangles, bracelets are a trinket favoured by the menfolk too. Plain gold or diamond bracelets are always a timeless classic, but when bracelets are studded with precious and colourful stones, they look absolutely stunning. Just like the sapphire bracelet designs offered by BlueStone. Our designers are wizards of jewellery; they create pure magic from gold and colourful gemstones. With the sapphire bracelets, they have conjured that magic once again. Explore and experience the magic yourself!

History of Bracelets

Before you buy sapphire bracelet designs from us, a little bit of history about bracelets is in order. From the ancient Greeks to the Egyptians, a bracelet has always been a popular piece of jewellery. The word bracelet originates from the Greek word ‘brachile ‘which means ‘of the arm’. The early bracelets were made from natural materials like bones, wood, and stones. In olden days, both men and women wore bracelets for religious and spiritual purposes. History shows that in ancient Egypt, Scarab Bracelets were one of the most recognised symbols; people in Bulgaria and Greece had the tradition of tying red and white strings as bracelets to appease gods; in India, it is mandatory for Sikh men to wear a steel/iron bracelet known as kara.

If you look at the history of bracelets, you can see that it has taken many forms. Today, you can buy many types of bracelets, from charm bracelets and slap bracelets to beaded bracelets and link bracelets. While junk jewellery bracelets and beaded bracelets are okay for school children, a gemstone studded gold bracelet is a must for any mature woman. That’s why you should consider the sapphire bracelets designs we offer.

What’s So Special about Sapphires?

Sapphires are one of the hardest, most popular and most expensive gemstones used in the world of jewellery. This stone belongs to the Corundum family. When you think of sapphires, the colour blue comes to your mind, doesn’t it? You might find it interesting that sapphires are not just blue; they are also available in pink, green, yellow and orange hues. Some sapphires even change colour depending on the light being shone on them. In natural light, these sapphires could appear blue but in artificial light, they may appear violet. Sapphire is also the birthstone for people born in September.

One of the most famous pieces of sapphire-studded jewellery is Princess Diana’s Ceylon Sapphire engagement ring. It was inherited by Prince William after her death who then proposed to Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge with the same ring. Other famous pieces of sapphire studded jewellery include a diamond and sapphire set owned by Queen Elizabeth II, the Star of India, the Logan Blue Sapphire, Stuart Sapphire and the Rockefeller Sapphire.

Royally Yours: Buy Sapphire Bracelet Designs

While most of the above pieces are either housed in museums or owned by royalty, you can still buy beautiful sapphire studded bracelets at BlueStone. Along with earrings and pendants, our range of sapphire bracelets features designs for men and women. The delicate Being Together Bracelet is perfect for women. Made of 18kt gold, it features sparkling diamonds and stunning pink sapphires. If you are looking for a multistone bracelet to go with your office outfit, this is the design you must consider.

The Neo Royale Bracelet is for men. Made of 18kt gold in dual tone pattern, the bracelet has a simple and solid design. It features a strong and sturdy link bracelet pattern and is studded with 10 princess-cut diamonds in the bezel setting. This exquisite piece from the Adams Collection is a perfect gift a woman can choose for the man of her lives. If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner or a birthday gift for your brother, this multistone stunner will win their hearts quite effortlessly.

Why Buy Sapphire Bracelets Online from BlueStone?

The trouble with shopping for jewellery at offline stores is that you may not find the perfect piece in one store and you usually end up going from one shop to another. However, when you shop online with us, you can find designs studded with the most dazzling gemstones. BlueStone not only offers a wide range of designs but also offers to customise them for you based on your preferences. Our sapphire bracelet designs are typically made in 18kt gold but you can customise and get them made in 14kt gold. In addition, you can also customise the cut and clarity of the stones being used. This helps reduce the sapphire bracelets price in cases where you love a design but find it a little higher than your budget.

BlueStone also bridges the gap between offline and online shopping by giving you the opportunity to ty on pieces before you buy them. When you book the home try-on option, we will bring the selected pieces to your doorstep. The best part is that this service is absolutely free and you don’t have any obligation to purchase the pieces you try. Thus, when you shop with us, you don’t have to rely solely on pictures of designs to make up your mind. Isn’t it wonderful?

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