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Runway Collection Jewellery

Runway Collection Jewellery: As Unconventional As You

Sassy, bold, and sensational - you are all that and so much more. Life for you is an adventure. You love flying high and achieving your dreams. Your choices don’t define you, you define them. You are the woman of today.

For someone as exceptional as you, your jewellery must be equally unique and fashionable. When ordinary jewellery doesn’t satisfy you, we have what it takes to bring that sparkle in your eyes. Our Runway Collection salutes your spirit to fly high with a plethora of unconventional designs. Gold and diamonds come together in this collection to add a dramatic touch to your fashion persona. Whether you are looking for beautiful earrings, stylish pendants, trendy rings or chic necklaces, you will find them all in this collection. Just as the name suggests, each design in this range will make you look as stunning as a runway model. Now, isn’t that something you always dreamt of?

An Artistic Collection Inspired by Nature!

Nature is the greatest artist and she never fails to inspire artists and designs. Our Runaway collection jewellery designs draw inspiration from one of her gorgeous creations - the Flame-of-the-Forest flower. The beautiful orange flower blooms in various parts of India, particularly in the city of Bangalore. This flower has different significance in different parts of the country. In some places, it depicts the arrival of spring and at other places, it is used to please Lord Shiva. Due to its bright orange colour, it is also regarded as a form of Agni (fire) in some parts of the country.

We at BlueStone believe that this flower is one of the finest works of nature. Inspired by the spectacular beauty of it, our designers have crafted this collection to give an artistic expression to its splendor. A collection that is sure to make you sway in style even as you leave onlookers awestruck!

What Makes Our Runway Collection Ideal for You?

From board meetings at the office to the home, you manage everything with élan and yet your aura never diminishes. Much like the pieces from this enticing collection! We understand that your life is hectic but you won’t compromise on your dreams and passions. Likewise, you are not ready to compromise on your style. In keeping with your upbeat tastes, this collection brings to you designs that redefine contemporary jewellery.

Breaking the norms of conventional styles, our designs give shape to your imagination in varied forms. Buy Runaway collection jewellery online and you will look for reasons to flaunt these pieces every day. Such is the appeal of this range! Consider our Lilo Leaf Ring as a case in point. Glittering diamonds encrusted on a twisted gold leaf gives this ring a unique look. Did you ever imagine that a twisted leaf can look so beautiful when placed on a finger? Well, our designers have this knack for creating artistic designs from the most mundane looking things you can find around you.

The specialty of this range is that it will give expression to your femininity in the most incredible manner possible. Take a look at our Crescer Pendant. See how the design incorporates the floral theme in a unique fashion in this 18kt gold pendant. With the right mix of two-tone gold colours and the dazzle of diamonds, this pendant craves attention instantly. Relaxing with friends or airport trotting, it can give you company everywhere. Our collection of runway-worthy designs is available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold as well. Apart from rings and pendants, we also have earrings, necklaces, and bangles to add elegance to your look. So, go ahead and give an edge to your look with our best Runaway collection jewellery designs. 

How about a Pair of Surreal Earrings?

Our earrings are crafted to take your look to the next level and they are a far cry from the usual designs you see. If you have a penchant for earrings, you won’t be able to stop admiring our designs. Take a look at our Folium Hoop Earrings. The timeless look of oversized hoops gets a new meaning in this design. Made of 18kt gold, this pair of fashion earrings is ideal for parties and other dressy events. A total of 80 sparkling diamonds act as the finishing touch of this earring pair. Fancy the same design in rose gold? Go for the Folium Roseate Hoop Earrings.

Our earring styles include danglers, drops, and hoops. Want something unique and outstanding? We have got a few Sui Dhaga designs like the Verdant Sui Dhaga Earrings made of 22k gold. Or you can flaunt your fashion quotient with finely crafted front back earrings set with diamonds like the Flabella Jacket Earrings. The Cilesi Leaf Drop Earrings is an iconic pair. Set with a total of 160 diamonds, this pair is sure to turn a few heads whenever you sport it. And the good news? We have got a rose gold version of the same design too. These are only some of the designs we have crafted for you. There is more to explore. Each of them will appeal to your unique sense of passion, we promise!

Enigmatic Pendants for Your Enigmatic Persona

Our pendants are all about glorifying beauty. When you buy trendy Runaway collection jewellery online, you will come across designs like Nava Roseate Pendant. This piece in rose gold is a one-of-its-kind. If you are in love with delicate pieces, you won’t be able to ignore this design. Our Lema Pendant signifies flowers in bloom. With a stem supporting two flowers, this design is a trendsetter in its own way.

The Gold Blatt Stick Pendant made of 22k yellow gold and the Cilesi Roseate Leaf Pendant made of rose gold are also some of the trending pieces in this collection. Such designs are more than simple pieces of trinkets. They are a source of pride for the owner. Don't you want to make them your own?

Rings of Delight, Rings of Beauty

Rings are classic items that never go out of fashion. And when you have a fashion quotient as high as a runway model, you will need a ring that goes with it, won’t you? Buy Runaway collection jewellery designs from us and you will have pieces of art on your fingers. As an example, take a look at our Spirale Ring. Two flowers at the two ends of this spiral design give this 22kt gold ring a stunning look. Trendy to the core, it is a beauty to possess. This is just one of the many designs we have in store for you here.

Other trendsetters in this range include the Blume Stackable Ring made of 18kt gold and the Blume Roseate Stackable Ring, its rose gold version. As the name suggests, these stackable rings comprise of three pieces which can be worn as standalone rings or stack one after the other. The Epsiral Ring, made of 18kt gold and set with 58 diamonds, is also a popular design in this collection

Chic Necklaces and Ageless Bangles

Necklaces are trinkets that you may not be wearing every day. But our designs may simply change your notion and go for them every day. Consider our Fayre Necklace as an example. Look at how the design seems as if a dazzling twig of gold and diamonds is hanging from a chain. There are even golden leaves on the twig to complete the look. Where else can you find such designs?

Our bangles can be the perfect piece to adorn your wrists. And with designs like our Lau Twister Bangle, you won’t have reasons to look for anything beyond them. An open-end design, see how two floral designs mark the two ends of the trinket. Don’t you think this design has a lasting appeal?

Our Runaway collection jewellery price is another reason to check out our designs. So, get ready to pamper yourself with the trinkets from this affordable range.

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