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Ruby Necklaces

Ruby Necklace Designs to Add Aesthetic Value to Your Wardrobe

Ruby as a gemstone is rich, fascinating, and imbued with a regal stance and a rich historical past. Treasure hunters throughout history, and some of the most reputed ones that too, like Marco Polo and Sir John Mandeville have made beguiling references to the rubies in their most celebrated works. Its magnificence and beauty apart, the history of ruby as a gemstone is punctuated with interesting legends and lore. 

Keeping up with the observations of Sir John Mandeville, we can’t confirm if our ruby necklace designs will actually keep you away from the reach of evil intentions and the sore eye of your enemies, but it will undeniably add to your elegant air, noble mien and pristine style statement. Cut out in exquisite designs, these ruby necklaces are known to faithfully unleash their magic. With the ruby necklace designs offered by BlueStone, you can gently yet powerfully claim the admiration of the onlookers.

Buy Ruby Necklace Designs that will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

The right gemstones in the right hands can lead to the making of memorable jewellery designs that will valiantly withstand the test of time and grow much more alluring with years of use. Such is the case with the ruby necklace designs at BlueStone.

The Nayantara Necklace with all its grandeur is an 18kt white gold necklace fit for the queen. The necklace symbolises the perfect commitment held together by the strength of rubies and the endurance of diamonds. The Moh Bhawana Necklace, another exquisite piece in our collection, is nothing short of absolute luxury. The blood red rubies clubbed with the sparkling diamonds make intricate artistry come alive in this priceless bit of jewellery. You can pair it with ruby earrings and diamond bracelets to dress up in a royal flair for any social gathering that you are headed to.

The blithe beauty of rubies and the radiant charm of white pearls come together to add to the magnificence of the Jaklyn Necklace. This 18kt gold necklace featuring a tassel pendant is bathed in sparkling glow and will surely get you noticed from afar. It owes much of the ravishing beauty to its immaculate appearance and can assuredly back up your claim to sleek and trendy fashion.

Other tassel designs in our collection include the Harlie Necklace and the Janiece Necklace. Wear them with something authentically Indian to a party or gathering and you are all set to enjoy glances of envy and admiration.

Of Love and Fortune: Ruby Necklace Designs Crafted to Perfection

Feel that your unfathomable romance has been through a bit of a bumpy ride over the years? Take the Pill of Love Necklace to shake off the dizziness. This necklace is as unique as your taste in avant-garde jewellery designs. Will it be too much of an exaggeration to say that this necklace comes with an eccentric fashion taste and a bit of a sense of humour? You can’t expect everyone to appreciate the individuality of this ruby necklace in 18kt rose gold but the rare ones will surely do. Not everyone has a refined eye like yours when it comes to a fantastic taste in jewellery, you see!

Can you measure love in grams and kilograms? Sure not! But the Hundred Mg Love Necklace is all you need to exude a unique and original style. The necklace features a capsule-shaped pendant studded made of rose gold and with diamonds and rubies and is quirky enough to grab the attention of onlookers.

Classy, elegant, sophisticated, and traditional – you need all these words and many more to describe the celestial beauty contained in the Panchika Necklace. This necklace made of 18kt gold comes in a soulful design that captures attention from far and near. It is an exquisite part of our Coinage Collection and has a mellow traditional touch imbued all over it. Guess what? The coinage design and the presence of precious rubies make this piece an ideal pick for special occasions like Akshaya Tritiya.

Buy Ruby Necklace Designs Online from BlueStone

Now that you have had your sneak peek into our heart-tugging ruby necklaces, browse through our collection to enjoy the excellence contained in these authentic and artistic designs. You can now check and compare our ruby necklace prices and make a well-informed purchase. Once you have selected the designs that tug at your heart strings, you can ask us to bring them home to you and try them on at your own convenience and choose the one that best fits you. And don’t worry, there are no additional charges or obligations of purchase attached to our home try-on facility.

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