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Roseate Smolder Jewellery Designs: For the Love of Red

When compared to all other colours in the spectrum, nothing stands out like the colour red. Red symbolises warmth, strength, boldness, love, and passion amongst other things. In India, red also symbolises purity and hence is a must have for a bride’s trousseau. It is no wonder then that red gemstones have always been treasured by jewellery lovers all through history. Paying tribute to these qualities of the colour red is our Roseate Smolder collection. Our range of ornaments in this collection offers you a number of beautifully designed pieces sparkling with red gemstones like rubies and garnets. So if you have a thing for red, don’t stop at a red dress or wallet. With BlueStone offering you finely crafted trinkets with red gemstones, you can now paint your jewellery box red.

Roseate Smolder Earring Designs: The Perfect Gift

Be it a birthday, wedding, graduation, or an anniversary, a pair of earrings is always an ideal gift. Did you know that rubies are the birthstone for people born in July and garnets are the birthstone for January? Garnets also symbolise a couple’s second anniversary while rubies symbolise 15th and 40th anniversaries. White gold designs like the Rivaan Earrings and gold pairs like the Neyara Earrings are an ideal gift for a young bride or someone who’s just starting a new job. They both feature sparkling diamonds and vivacious rubies and you cannot go wrong with the red and white combination. In gold, Arion Earrings and the Brigyda Earrings serve as ideal gifting options on any special occasion. In white gold, you can choose from a wide range that includes the Grand Allure Earrings, the Flowery Panache Earrings, and Carmelle Earrings, to mention a few.

You don’t always have to wait for someone to buy you jewellery as a gift; sometimes, it’s nice to gift yourself something on a special occasion. Why not buy a pair of dainty studs from our collection of Roseate Smolder jewellery designs like the Darpan Shringaar Earrings or the Trivalle Earrings. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pair of delicate drop earrings, take a look at the Lucina Earrings or the Serelia Earrings. While these work well for a casual party, if you’re looking for something more dramatic, the Charulata Shringaar Drop Earrings or the Somalakshmi Earrings could be just what you need.

Red Gemstone Pendants that Can Make a Woman Smile

What do you do when you want to buy Roseate Smolder jewellery designs for a woman but a ring is too much and a pair of earrings is too little – choose a pendant. Our range of pendants feature round, marquise, princess, square and teardrop cut rubies and garnets set off beautifully by diamonds. Lightweight pendants like the Brigyda Pendant or the Ocarina Pendant are ideal for everyday wear and can be worn on a long chain or a short chain. If you’re looking for something that makes more of a style statement, take a look at the Anandhi Pendant or the Carmelle Pendant. If you have a thing for floral designs, choose from our floral collection that includes the Folia Pendant, the Luxurious Floral Pendant, and the Floral Allure Pendant. The Rivan Pendant and Neyara Pendant are office-appropriate designs you can pair with Indian as well as western outfits.

Buy Roseate Smolder Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings

Pendants are beautiful alright, but they aren’t usually ornate enough for a festive celebration or a royal gala. For such occasions, you need a finely crafted necklace studded with red gemstones.If you’re looking for a necklace to wear to a wedding, the Nayantara Necklace made of white gold or the Sundar Sakhi Necklace made of gold is sure to win you a number of compliments. They go well with designer sarees and lehengas alike. However, if you’re the bridesmaid, you need something a little heavier like the gold Moh Bhawana Necklace and a bracelet like the Petals Bracelet to set off your outfit.

Rings are typically associated with weddings but need not be limited to marital vows alone. Designs like the Vivid Majestic Ring and the Flora Allure Ring are ideal for daily wear while the Paradise Ring or the Razberi Ring can make the perfect style statement at a cocktail party. If you’re looking for a traditional design, the Stately Charisma Ring is one of our most popular designs. Those looking for something more modern and contemporary could consider the Daiquiri Ring.

Buy Roseate Smolder Jewellery Online

When it comes to precious gemstones like rubies and garnets, our stones come with certificates of authority from world renowned laboratories. The purity of our gold and gemstones isn’t the only reason to shop with us. Sometimes, you may find that you love a design but it is a little out of your budget range. With BlueStone you can customise your jewellery to make it fit your budget. Pure gold is too soft to be able to hold its shape as a piece of jewellery and must be alloyed with other metals to make it more stable. The carat value of gold defines the ratio of pure gold to alloy metal and the higher the carat value, the higher the price of an ornament will be. Thus by choosing to custom make your jewellery in 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold, you can significantly reduce Roseate Smolder jewellery price.

The benefits of shopping with BlueStone don’t end there. We understand that sometimes, it can be difficult to pick the perfect pair of earrings, rings, and pendants just on the basis of a few pictures. So, if you can’t make up your mind between two or three designs, we could send them over to your house for you to try on before buying them. So, are you ready to show off your bold side with our Roseate Smolder jewellery designs?

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