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Rose Quartz Rings: Hearts and Roses

Love can be easily defined by just two words- hearts and roses. They are the protagonists of any romantic tale. They have been used in every high-school romance but still haven’t lost their sheen. Ever wondered which is the stone of love? No, it is not your usual suspect- the Diamond. It’s the rose quartz- the beautiful pink shade stone that epitomises the feeling of love. It emits the strong message of conditionality, romance, and all-encompassing happiness. The rose quartz has also gained the title of the ‘relationship talisman’ as its power to heal wounded relationships is famous ever since its first usage sometime in the 600 BC.

So borrowing from the relics of the past and taking the advice of our ancestors on love, BlueStone has created a limited edition of rose quartz ring designs to nourish your life! The rose quartz stone is said to have healing powers that rejuvenates one with energy and opens one’s eyes to the beauty of the world. The shades of the rose quartz and its density vary widely and each variation holds up its own elegance. The stones go from being translucent, transparent to almost opaque and in colour go on from light shades of pinkish orange to magenta hues. The rose quartz is said to speak directly to the heart chakra, healing emotional wounds, dissolving resentments and fears. It is believed to circulate a divine loving energy throughout. So buy rose quartz ring designs from BlueStone’s choicest collection.

The Touch of Love: Finest Rose Quartz Rings Designs from BlueStone

The beauty and enigma of the rose quartz have been flowing throughout history where people have praised its meditative qualities, its powers to heal love-life and to even pull someone out of trauma. Well at BlueStone, we want you to enjoy this beautiful stone first and foremost for its sheer charm. The Florence Love Ring is a band of heart contours set entirely in rose gold, which encircle a magnificent heart-shaped rose quartz stone in the centre. It is an enviable simple design to capture everyone in its aura. The feminine essence of the rose quartz is very strong and our rose quartz ring designs make for a wonderful gift to your beloved women- be it sisters, mothers, girlfriends or wives. Roses, diamonds and a loving heart- BlueStone has set the tone for all your romantic outings in this one collection. Buy rose quartz ring designs online exclusively at BlueStone today and feel the love.

Be a Diva in Love: Buy Rose Quartz Ring Designs from BlueStone

The Terra Rose Quartz Ring is perhaps the most elegant one in its minimalistic sense of design. It has a central heart shaped rose quartz with a pretty little rose dangling off the central stone. This rose gold ring is simple but for the two beautiful pods of small diamond stones on either side. It is a visual treat! The Lia Heart ring has a rose gold band with a heart cut rose quartz and a larger contour filled with diamonds on one side. The diamonds reflect the pink hues of the rose quartz and give a glamorous touch to the ring. The Elea Heart Ring is an enchanting floral design that ups the magic by a quotient of three. It has not one, not two but three rose gold heart shaped petals united by a diamond in the centre and rose quartz heart stones inside each petal. One petal is also topped off as the crown petal with a line of diamonds on its outer edge.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever and that seems true for BlueStone’s collection. To make the joy multi-fold, we offer rose quartz ring designs at prices that will definitely heal your purse. Yes, we have kept our rose quartz rings prices reasonable. Make the best of our 30 days money back scheme and the home try-on offer to make your shopping experience among the best you have ever had. So mark the start of a beautiful relationship with us today and choose your pick of the rose quartz ring designs now!

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