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Rose Gold Mangalsutra

Rose Gold Mangalsutra Designs That Will Change Your Mind

In the Indian culture, there are more than one connotations attached to the term mangalsutra. From the symbols of wifedom to the blotch of servility, this one piece of jewellery has been through the whirlwind of debates and discussions. Championed by the patriarchs, slandered by feminists, both the vermilion mark and the mangalsutra have had their fair share of bumpy rides.

So, is wearing the Mangalsutra a custom-forced tradition or a matter of personal choice? While the answer to that differs from culture to culture and person to person, we still hold our ground: that the mangalsutra is a symbol of love, a language of commitment embedded into black beads and precious stones that side by side also make for a fervent fashion-savvy statement.

Marriage is neither easy nor trivial. You never know when your marriage will switch gears from mushy romance to head on confrontations. Yet, for those couples who truly value the institution of marriage often discovers symbolic ways of communicating those feelings that are usually beyond words. That is one reason why, all those quarrels later, you would still find her adjusting her wardrobe according to her mangalsutra.

Buy Rose Gold Mangalsutra Designs that will Make Her Go Weak in the Knees for You

For all the married guys out there, perhaps it’s time to take heed. The mangalsutra that she wears for you is not a collar that tags her as ‘taken’. It is an effort that she’s constantly making to show you in untold ways, how much you mean to her. Kick the romance back into your marriage once again. Surprise her with a divine pale pink mangalsutra and watch the smile never part her lips.

A mangalsutra can sometimes unfold its mesmeric magic in unknown ways. Take the Mesmerizing Tulip Mangalsutra for example. This diamond mangalsutra in 18kt rose gold is embedded with a vow of holding on to each other through thick and thin. It’s pale pink tone along with the sorcery of shining diamonds make a chic style statement too.

The Fragrant Tulip Mangalsutra is about transcending differences in a relationship. Sometimes our views, opinions, and judgements don’t add up. But then again, diversity is the spice of life. Isn’t the nuptial periphery all about respecting the differences? Have the knots weakened a little over time? This is probably the time; let your relationship rejuvenate with this blithely beautiful mangalsutra.

Just how many times does it happen in your marriage that, she doesn’t utter a word throughout the day? She just hadn’t the time the peck you goodbye. But you will always find your breakfast on the table, your clothes neatly lined up, your keys, wallet, and phone systematically arranged on the dresser and there are sticky notes on the mirror reminding you about things that you might forget. Marriage has its uncanny ways of working out in your favour, just like this Celestial Tulip Mangalsutra.

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