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Rhodolite Rings: A Royal Treat in the World of Jewellery

Who won’t fall for the vividly beautiful raspberry red colour, cuts that are capable of reflecting light, and the unmatched radiance of rhodolite! Often called the “queen of garnets”, rhodolite is the perfect stone with which you can give yourself a royal treatment in the form of rings studded with this pretty, precious gemstone. BlueStone’s rhodolite ring designs will enchant you with their sheer magnificence. The rings in our assortment are made of high purity gold and feature either a single or multiple rhodolites in a variety of cuts. From round and oval to pear-shaped and more, you will be spoilt for choice when you buy rhodolite rings online at BlueStone.

A Fiery Gemstone and an Eternal Symbol of Love

Rhodolite is derived from a Greek word “rhodon” that translates to “rose stone”. Although it might look like a ruby, it has more of a soft violet tone to it. One from the garnet family, rhodolite has varying hues that range from pinkish red and deep red to light violet and purplish red. It is associated with a variety of energies, including love, healing, commitment, passion, and inspiration. Rhodolites are powerful stones that are believed to empower their wearers to achieve what they desire while amplifying their confidence. They are also believed to activate the base, heart, and crown chakras for positive energy to flow seamlessly in the body while balancing these chakras.

The dark red gemstone also has a rich history. The Christians and the Muslims carried rhodolite as a talisman during the Crusades for protection against each other. The heat aura of the stone led many Asiatic tribes to create bows and bullets with rhodolite instead of lead as they believed it would be more potent and powerful to combat their enemies. It was also used throughout centuries as an antidote for poison and to heal wounds. The many symbolisms of rhodolite have made it the star stone of the garnet family and a favoured stone over ruby for its beauty and affordability.

Buy Rhodolite Ring Designs that Match Your Personality

Garnet is believed to be the birthstone of January, which makes rhodolite rings ideal for those born in this month. They are also popular amongst people with the Pisces zodiac sign and almost everyone who acknowledges and appreciates fine gemstone jewellery made using precious metals of high purity. The rhodolite rings in our collection are handcrafted and curated by experts to give you a taste of the fine things in life. And what’s more, you can get the best in the world of jewellery when you shop at BlueStone as we offer these pieces at an unbelievably attractive rhodolite rings price. Whether you want to indulge your senses and treat yourself to a rhodolite ring or buy it as a gift for someone special, browse our collection to pick your favourites.

Amongst our glamorous rhodolite rings is the Jewel Bliss Ring that exudes a royal charm that is characteristic of everything precious. You will feel like royalty when you wear this on any of your fingers. It is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with a big oval rhodolite in the centre surrounded by diamonds and two smaller rhodolites on its either side. It carries more diamonds alongside the two oval rhodolites. You can wear it on special occasions to accentuate your regal look or on dull days to brighten up your overall appearance. Another rhodolite ring in our collection is the Fashion Finesse Ring. It is an 18kt gold ring studded with a row of multiple round rhodolites and a row of diamonds on either side of the central rhodolite row. It is a thing of beauty that will take your breath away.

Do you love things that come with two functionalities at the cost of one? Then you would love the Waleis Ring that is also a pendant. It is made of 18kt gold and features a slim, rounded ring topped by a leaf-like design with diamonds at the base and a pear-shaped, dark, purplish red rhodolite hanging down from it. The leaf silhouette cleverly hides the pendant hook behind it so that it is invisible when you are wearing the ring. The flexible hook that holds the rhodolite lets the stone hang free in the circle of gold when you wear it as a pendant. Check out our rhodolite rings and you can be sure that you will fall in love with them.

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