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Red Bracelet Designs: Buy, Wear, and Sparkle

Got to dress up for a big event? How about going the Zellweger way by wearing a red bracelet dripping with rubies? The vintage red bracelet the gorgeous actress Renee Zellweger wore to the 2013 Oscars was studded with 464 rubies and she made an effortless statement on the red carpet. When it comes to rubies, you don’t need a hundred of them to make a sparkling style statement; just one will do. Such is the charm of red; such is the magnificence of rubies. Speaking of reds and rubies, now you can create your own red carpet look with BlueStone’s marvellous range of red bracelet designs. Burning red stones set in yellow, white, and rose gold, the pieces in our red bracelet collection are sure to create a stir.

Red Bracelet Designs: The Fire of Romance that Never Dulls

Never underestimate the power of rubies. Never, ever! Their rich and bright hue is strong enough to bring anyone to their knees and turn a few heads whenever you sport them. This is precisely why we have incorporated them into our red bracelet designs. Each design in the collection is carefully handcrafted by our creative designers to up your bling quotient in an unmatched manner.

For all hearts in love out there, we have the Nala True Love Bracelet. The ‘True Love’ lettering in rose gold dominates the design and a single, exquisite ruby dangles from the centre, echoing the sentiment of love. On the other hand, the Loving Rose Bracelet is a more understated. This bracelet made of 18kt gold features a fiery ruby set at the centre of an intricately composed rose. Both these pieces are excellent picks men can make for their ladies on Valentine’s Day or a special occasion. Go ahead and impress her. She won’t be disappointed when you have rubies to plead your case.

Keep Calm and Buy Red Bracelets Online from BlueStone

A wise person once said that life is too short to wear dull jewellery. So, if you’re looking for poetry composed in the form of fine jewellery, you’ve come to the right place. We, at BlueStone, understand that jewellery is not just about wearing a few pretty baubles. Even a single piece of beautiful jewellery can make you feel special inside and out. Sift through this collection if you’re looking to buy red bracelets online. With a diverse variety of designs, our collection has a little something for everyone!

Our collection includes simple yet elegant bracelets for men who love the vivacity of rubies. The minimalist design of the Maharaja Bracelet combines modern lines and an old-world charm for a polished finish. Made of 18kt gold, this bracelet is simply irresistible. The Maestro Bracelet is yet another design popular with our male customers.

With their religious motifs and charming designs, our religious bracelets in our collection appeal to the spiritually inclined. Take, for instance, the Om Ganesha Bracelet and the Divinity Eye Bracelet. Delicately designed, both these pieces are set with vibrant rubies, making them ideal for special occasions. These 18kt gold trinkets are a creative and bold blend of fashion and faith.

Mangalsutra Bracelets for the Chic Women of Today

Do you need something uniquely designed to wear to your workplace or at weekend party? Hold your breath, ladies! We present to you exquisitely crafted and enchantingly innovative mangalsutra bracelets to grace your wrists. These bracelets feature the classic mangalsutra design, but in the form of bracelets.

Rubies and gold come together in our celebratory designs such as the Kiya Bracelet and the Harmya Bracelet. Cool, contemporary, and light in weight, these bracelets feature a black-beaded body made of 18kt gold and a ruby-studded pendant, just like your mangalsutra necklace! The Holika Bracelet, yet another breath-taking mangalsutra design in our collection, comes studded with five vibrant rubies set against the glitter of 18kt gold. For women who want to display their wifedom in style, there always are more ways than one, you see!

Lose Yourself to the Charm of Red Bracelet Designs

You can be assured that when you buy red bracelet designs from BlueStone, you get to choose from a carefully curated collection of chic jewellery. Our collection largely features gold. Gold is said to symbolise victory and achievement, and pairs well with red gems. 

The Tanushri Bracelet is a burst of colours with a vivid ruby set at the centre of colourful gemstones. This exquisite piece is part of our Navaratna Collection and makes for an authentically Indian design to go with your ethnic and traditional outfits. Alternatively, the Petals Bracelet uses white gold for a contemporary look. Drawing inspiration from nature, it has a chain link pattern of petals with rubies and diamonds for adornment. This bracelet is especially versatile and pairs well with western formal wear in addition to ethnic attire. For the lovers of the floral theme, we have the Flower Princess Bracelet made of 18kt gold and accented with diamonds.

When you choose a bracelet from our collection, you choose a form of self-expression. This is precisely why as India’s leading online jeweller, we celebrate diversity in design. With the red bracelets price kept at a competitive range, we assure you that you are getting a value-for-money deal. Just sit back and browse through our collection and choose the one that feels right. Worry not, you’ll know it when you see it!

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