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Celebrate Sibling Love with Rakhi Collection Designs

“Be nice to your siblings. They are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.” So says Baz Luhrmann. The bond between siblings is one of the most special relationships a person can have. It is no wonder then that in India, we have a festival dedicated to the relationship of between brothers and sisters. Every year, people celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan as a celebration of sibling love. Though it may be a Hindu festival, people of all religions celebrate the day of Raksha Bandhan with great zeal. At BlueStone, we add to this zeal with our carefully and creatively crafted rakhi jewellery. 

The Custom of Tying the Rakhi

The word ‘raksha bandhan’ means bonds of protection. During the festival, a sister ties a blessed thread called rakhi around the brother’s wrist. With this act, the sister promises to love her brother and he makes a vow to protect her forever. There are many instances in Indian history when a rakhi has influenced the course of events. It is said that before the battle between Porus and Alexander, Alexander’s wife approached Porus with a rakhi. In return, Porus promised not to harm Alexander.

In olden days, rakhis took the form of a simple thread. Today, there is no dearth of designs when you want to buy a rakhi for your brother. At BlueStone, we take things a golden step further by offering your exclusive rakhis in gold. When you buy rakhi collection designs at BlueStone they are spoilt for choice. Our rakhi collection celebrates all the different roles a brother plays. A great deal of through and creativity has gone into the making of each and every design you find here.

Buy Golden Rakhis that Talk

Have you ever said to our brother, “Put it down in writing”? You sure have! Today, how about putting your love for your brother in writing? The ink on a letter may blot but words cast in gold will never fade. The Love U Bhai Rakhi Bracelet from our trendy Rakhi collection online is perfect for this. Another popular design is the Infinite Bro Love Rakhi Bracelet. This design symbolises eternal love between siblings.

You could also tell your brother how cool you think he is. The My Cool Bro Rakhi Bracelet or the My Brother Forever Rakhi Bracelet does just that. Our rakhi collection designs aren’t just for brothers. It is customary for brothers to give their sisters a token of love on Rakshabandhan. And, what could be better than the My Fashionista Rakhi Pendant?

Rakhis for the Stylish Brother

Elder bothers are always admired as cool dudes. Younger brothers are referred to as the cute ones. Whether you have a cool dude or cute bro at home, it is important that you find a rakhi that enhances his bling quotient. Being creators of style, we offer you just the right designs. The Abheek Rakhi Bracelet is a design an elder brother will love flaunting. Your younger brother may prefer the Felice Evil Eye Rakhi Bracelet. This designs inspiration from the Evil Eye symbol. This symbol is believed to protect a person from negativity. Can you think of a better gift for your little bro?

Rakhi Collection Designs for Your Religious Brother

Our new designs in rakhi collection can also be worn as pendants. Thus, when you gift your brother a BlueStone rakhi, he can wear it on any day of the year. Many men sport jewellery is to remind themselves of their religious beliefs. The diamond-studded Kapil Rakhi Pendant is a bestseller in this collection. Equally popular among our customers is the ruby-studded and Ganesha Charm Rakhi Pendant. Many men like to meditate on the Om symbol. If this reminds you of your brother, get him the Thevan Rakhi Pendant or the Dvanda Rakhi Pendant. India is a land of many religions and the sibling bond is equally valued by all. Choose the Khalsa Rakhi Pendant if your brother is a follower of Sikhism. Men, you too can show our love for your sister with any one of these pendant designs.

Two-in-One Rakhi Rings for Your Two-in-One Relationship

A brother is forever a friend. What better way to celebrate this two-in-one relationship than with a piece of two-in-one jewellery? For this reason, many of our rakhi designs can be converted into rings. How about gifting him one this Rakshabandhan? If your brother likes bold jewellery, gift him the Timeless Bond Rakhi Ring or the Forever Bond Rakhi Ring. If he favours a minimalistic style, the Enduring Bond Rakhi Ring would be the perfect gift. Not all men like the sparkle of a diamond. For some, the glow of gold is much more appealing. In such cases, the Treasured Bond Rakhi Ring or the Blissful Bond Rakhi Ring is a perfect gift.

A Token of Love for Sisters too!

Every relationship involves giving and taking. Thus, when a sister gives her brother a rakhi, he has to give her a token of his love in return. Many of our rakhi designs have unisex appeal and can take the form of a pendant. This makes them the perfect gift for a sister. The Zinnia Rakhi Pendant and the Tattva Rakhi Pendant are two of our bestselling unisex pendant designs. Are you a brother looking for a twinkling gift for your sister? You need not limit their choice just to our rakhi collection. Our entire collection is at your disposal!

Today, you can buy Rakhi collection designs online. With designs that can convert into pendant or rings, we give you more than one reason to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan. Don’t just pick a design that looks nice; pick one your brother will love. Your unique bond with your brother should be celebrated with an equally unique trinket, don’t you think? Let the rakhi you choose remind him of you all through the year.

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