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Purple Gemstone Rings

Go Big with Brilliant Purple Gemstone Rings

Want to make a killer statement? Craving some head turning action at a gathering? Then look no further. Here comes BlueStone to the rescue. We present to you daring purple gemstone designs that will blow not only your mind away but also those who spot it on you! Think big gemstones and all-out audacious 18kt gold and white gold in a mix to make a ring! Become the star of any get together with this item of jewellery.

The purple semi-precious gemstone we are referring to is amethyst. The amethyst stone occurs in primary hues from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple, the chosen colour of the royal family. The stone has always been used in jewellery and is a popular choice for rings. While the idea of wearing a ring with an amethyst stone may not be a fresh one, it still holds good to go back to a gemstone that promises to bring forth waves of great health and prosperity. Many religions believe in its healing powers especially in the matters of the stomach and colon. So if you have been advised to wear this semi-precious beauty, then you might as well rock one of purple gemstone rings. Check out our designs and buy purple gemstone rings online today!

Buy Purple Gemstone Ring Designs from a Limited Yet Stunning Range

Before we get ahead and show you our purple gemstone ring designs, let us tell you that this is a limited line of rings. So grab them while they are available. The Miela Ring with an amethyst stone in a bede shape comes wrapped up in an 18kt gold band! It is the biggest stone in this collection and we have kept it that way on purpose! A similar design, for women only, is the Orabela Ring with the purple amethyst stone. The 18kt yellow band is more intricately designed to flaunt our artistic best and create a sense of grandeur that you could really enjoy. So go buy these purple gemstone rings online today from our website.

Looking for an amethyst beauty to seal the deal with your loved one? Then you must check out The Bloom Band. It is classy, modern, and chic. Your woman is going to love you more for this. Surprise her by popping the big question with this racy little design which has a two-gram amethyst stone set in a simple yet stylish 18kt white gold band. The round design of this one makes it a great choice for everyday wear.

A Touch of Spirituality with Amethyst

Looking for something with a touch of spirituality and religion? Have you seen the Crown Chakra Ring? With a deep purple amethyst set in an 18kt gold band, this purple gemstone design is exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy the benefits of our one-of-a-kind spirit ring, and let the gold band to sparkle while the amethyst stays in its sun chakra forever steady. Save this enchanting beauty for a special religious occasion or even throw it on every day to keep the good karma going. The stone in this purple gemstone ring design is absolutely stunning.

While all of our exclusive designs use sizeable stones to make an impression, our purple gemstone rings’ prices are not as big as they are! So go buy our purple gemstone rings and make a killer statement today.

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