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Princess Nose Pins

Princess Nose Pin Designs for the Princess in You

In case you have been thinking nose pins belong in an old world - the times of your mothers and grandmothers- you are in for a surprise. And if you think nose pins go only with traditional outfits like a heavily decorated saree or salwar kameez, you are in for a bigger surprise. The trend of nose piercing is back and is making waves among women of all ages. Not just that! Jewellery designers are coming up with a wide spectrum of nose pin designs for modern fashionistas who want to flaunt a little sparkle with their western outfits, jeans, and tees.

If you are a college goer with a penchant for trendy outfits or a professional who has to attend board meetings on a regular basis, what you wear on your nose can make a big difference to your looks. BlueStone has come up with exquisite collections of nose pins to go with every occasion and style. The princess nose pin designs crafted by our craftsmen have everything you want in them – the sparkle of diamonds, the vivacity of gemstones, the glitter of gold, and the timeless beauty of the princess cut.

Know the Basics before You Buy Princess Nose Pin Designs

Princess nose pin designs in our collection are called so because they feature diamonds or colourful gemstones shaped using the princess cut. Simply put, the princess cut is one of the most popular fancy cuts used in the jewellery industry. A diamond or gemstone shaped using the princess cut has its face-up portion shaped like a square or rectangle and profile shaped like an inverted pyramid. Princess-cut stones with sharp corners are exceptionally ideal for making engagement rings but they look equally good on bracelets, necklaces, and other ornaments. Our designers have used this stunning yet cost-effective cut to make nose pins and nose screws in gold and white gold.

Bring Some Sparkle with Diamonds: Buy Princess Nose Pins Online

The trends in nose piercing and nose pins have changed tremendously over the past few decades. Just flip through the pages of a fashion magazine and you will see amazing trends like horseshoes and hoops to septum piercings. That having said, the classic and traditional nose pins and nose screws haven’t lost fandom among modern women. For those who prefer the glitter of diamonds, we offer a beautiful range of princess nose pins studded with diamonds.

Take, for instance, the Galax Nose Screw. Can a nose ornament get simpler and more beautiful than this piece? We doubt it! Made of 18kt gold, the screw features a brilliantly shining princess cut diamond. Those who have a penchant for nose pins can opt for our Delphinium Nose Pin or Galax Nose Pin, both made of 18kt gold. These pieces are neutral and classy enough to go with your office outfits. 

Shine with Colours: Princess Nose Pin Designs in Gemstones

You don’t always need the timeless sparkle of diamonds to adorn your nose, do you? Well, if you are up for some bright colours, we have got just the right pieces for you. Our gemstone nose pins feature colourful gemstones, the beauty of which is enhanced with the princess cut.

If you are a fan of green, don’t think twice. Just pick our Juniper Nose Screw. Made of 18kt gold and studded with a shining emerald, this piece is an excellent gifting option on a budget. We offer the Juniper Nose pin for those who prefer a pin instead of a screw. Lovers of red, worry not! We have the Japonica Nose Screw and the Japonica Nose Pin for you. These nose ornaments made of 18kt gold feature a bright and vivacious ruby shimmering on them.

Buy Princess Nose Pin Designs in White Gold

What do you get when you combine the radiance of white gold and the vivacity of a colourful gemstone on a simple nose pin design? Take a look at our Jasmine Nose Screw and Jasmine Nose pin and you have the answer. Made in 18kt white gold, these pieces have a beautiful blue sapphire studded on them. The lustre of white gold, when combined with the deep shade of blue, gives them a unique charm. 

The good news is that our princess nose pins prices highly competitive. Have you ever gone through a situation when you wanted to gift a piece of gold jewellery to a loved one but couldn’t do so because its price was too hefty? Well, next time when you want to gift someone something unique yet easy on your wallet, choose our princess nose pins and screws.

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