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When you think of an engagement ring, the only picture that will come in your mind is a single stunning solitaire diamond. The solitaire is an ageless classic that defines elegance and beauty and will forever withstand fashion trends. Solitaire engagement rings are classy and eternally popular and put the focus on the beautiful centrepiece, making it the star of the show. That is what everybody is in awe of hen you show it off.

The word “diamond solitaire” refers to any piece of jewellery with a single diamond in it. This beautiful stone that is forever is priced and valued based upon the 4Cs - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight of the diamond.

Diamond solitaire- An amalgam of style and class

The most popular choice for solitaire rings is the brilliant round shaped diamond ring due to its classic look and fiery brilliance. Square princess cut diamonds second the list on popularity. Their unique oblong shape creates an illusion of long fingers, thus creating a graceful look.

Princess, Asscher, and emerald cut diamonds offer clean, straight lines and give the appearance of having a higher carat weight due to the way they are cut.

The tiffany style of rings has changed the way we think about proposals and engagements forever with their unique style of setting – a single diamond raised up and held securely on top of the delicate band by four or six slender prongs. These rings are usually 14 carat to 18 carats in metal purity.

Our solitaire ring designs just for you

BlueStone has a wide range of solitaire rings. However, if you want to build your own solitaire ring, we can help you select that perfect solitaire that has captured your imagination.

We also have a wide range of preset solitaire collection with exclusive mount designs. The designs come in different colors and clarity diamonds.

Our solitaire ring prices are dependent on the different colours and clarity of the diamonds. Our solitaires are made of diamonds weighing above 0.15 cents. 

BlueStone lets you design your own solitaire ring

This is done in three simple steps:

  • Choose your solitaire
  • Select a ring design from our catalogue
  • Review and place the order

If your intention is to buy solitaire rings online, then the “Build your solitaire section” will help you find the solitaire according to your specifications.

“The Sublime Ring Mount” is our cherry on the cake in this collection.  This single one carat round solitaire mounted on a white gold split shank of 44 tiny diamonds, has a place of pride in our impressive collection.

Our collection of pre-set solitaire rings come in a range of different prices, available in classic and modern styles with unique mount designs in plain gold rings or diamond studded rings.

We give our customers the flexibility to choose the size/weight, colour and clarity of their diamond. “The Honorary Ring” takes a place of pride in this selection.

If you are looking to buy solitaire ring designs, then a visit to our website is a must. Here you will be able to see our entire range of preset solitaires and select that special one for that special person.

Visit our website buy solitaire ring designs online according to your preference.

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