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Embrace the Vibrant Shades of Green with Peridot Jewellery

The lively green colour of peridot reflects the colours of the summer and the freshness of spring. You can bring the vibrance of these seasons to your life with the myriad peridot jewellery designs we have in store for you. Although peridot is believed to be the birthstone for August birthdays, it is now loved by gemstone jewellery lovers around the world and worn by people all through the year. The lovely light green colour of peridot lends a delicate shimmer to the jewellery it is studded on. You will fall in love with the pieces we have handpicked for you.

Gem of the Sun and Cleopatra’s Favourite

Peridot derives its name from the French word “peritot”, which means gold, as it can take the precious metal’s colour. It has been valued since its discovery as early as 1,500 B.C. Legend has it that peridot was mainly obtained from the island of Zabargad (then Topazo Island) in the Egyptian Red Sea, where the inhabitants were made to collect the precious gemstones for the island’s Pharaoh’s treasury. It is also believed that the island had guards who could kill anyone who trespassed on the island.

Ancient Egyptians considered peridot to be the gem of the sun and is Egypt’s national gem. Historians believe that the gems that Cleopatra was popular for wearing were peridot and not emeralds as was earlier believed. The lore of peridot would also tell you that this precious gemstone was believed to have magical and mystical powers. If it is set in gold and worn, it would act as a talisman that would dispel bad dreams and other terrors that night brings with it. Peridot is also said to represent wealth, financial success, and romance.

Adorn Yourself with Colours of the Summers and Spring

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that naturally exist in only one colour. The distinct transparent and oily lustre of peridot plays with different shades of green. It looks beautiful no matter what you call its colour—yellow green, golden green, olive green, bottle green, or deep chartreuse. Its discovery in meteorites makes it a stone that’s truly out of this world. You can exude the otherworldly charm of this gemstone by adorning our peridot jewellery. Buy peridot jewellery online at BlueStone to embrace the beauty and grace that come naturally to this glorious, summery stone.

Options Galore: Buy Peridot Jewellery Designs at BlueStone

You will find a wide range of exquisite peridot jewellery in our collection. From pendants and rings to earrings and bangles, we have it all in our selection of peridot jewellery. Our assortment includes jewellery studded only with peridot and pieces that combine the brilliance of peridot and other precious stones. You also have the option of choosing the colour of the metal as we have both 18kt gold and white gold. The Amika Stud Earrings embrace simplicity in their design but exude sophisticated style with their round peridot-studded 18kt gold silhouette. Match these earrings with the Amika Pendant to complete your look. The Rhyah Earrings are made of 18kt gold and are studded with a peridot that displays its cuts with shimmering radiance. The rhodium plating on these earrings give them a unique look that you will not find anywhere else. The Rhyah Pendant can be worn with these earrings for a matching look and will also look great as the centrepiece jewellery. Pair the Rhyah Earrings and the Rhyah Pendant with the Rhyah Ring to complete your collection. And don’t worry about the cost. Our competitive peridot jewellery price will let you satiate your love of jewellery.

Accentuate the Zesty Green with Colourful Stones

While peridot alone can grab anyone’s attention with its sheen and brilliance, its vivid green also looks great with accompanying gemstones. The Elethea Ring is a masterpiece in the world of jewellery. It is crafted from 18kt gold and features a round peridot, a pear-shaped amethyst, and multiple white diamonds. The harmonious blend of colours elevates the look of this ring. Similarly, the Ulys Bangle combines the beauty of green peridot and sheer magnificence of royal purple amethyst in its simple design. The alternating placement of the stones on 18kt gold makes this bangle a gorgeous piece of jewellery and a great choice to pair with almost any attire. Shop at BlueStone to enjoy the grandeur we have laid out for you in the form of precious peridot jewellery.

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