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You have worn them in single strands or more and revelled in the envious glances that you have received all this while. Decked in a pretty pearl necklace you have been the picture of sophisticated poise. If you are wondering whether there is more to pearl necklaces, then our answer is a definitive yes. Can a single pearl carry the charm of an entire strand? Our answer is a resounding yes again! The pearl necklace designs from BlueStone are contemporary ways of wearing pearls with a generous dose of diamonds. The diamonds are set in such a way that they complement these dew drops like beauties and they appear like the show-stopper under the spotlight.

Pearls can be worn as choker necklaces that stay close the neck or clasped as strands depending upon the design. Buy pearl necklaces online from BlueStone where we give you myriad ways of wearing these silvery shimmers. You can shop for medium and long length chains that come with singular or multiple pearls that are set as pendants along with diamonds.

Buy Artistic Pearl Necklace Designs from BlueStone

Butterflies tend to magically transport us to the world of gardens and greenery. Flapping their delicate wings these colourful creatures are inspirations for poets and the romantics. Three pink butterflies with diamonds adorning their wings herald the majestic white pearl fluttering in the Tara Heart Necklace is an inspirational pearl necklace jewellery design for the die-hard romantics of today.

Pearl necklaces have been preferred by women of all generations – your grandmother sported one with her silk saree and your mother rocked the salwar-kameez with this exquisite gemstone and now it is your turn. Choose the saree, or suit up the western way and a pearl necklace still stays faithful to you. The Butterfly Line Necklace in our workwear collection has a bright gold butterfly that will delicately hold a pearl around your graceful neck.

The Kearia Necklace is your boardroom bestie that will never let you down. The cute bow holds the diamond in a short length chain and this pearl necklace design will look elegant with your kurtas and blazers too.

If you are ready to flaunt a bit of the floral charm then the Kalisha Necklace is an elaborate pattern that is scenic and captivating. The floral foliage complete with the little bird is an eternally graceful pearl necklace design that is mesmerising.

Slay the Party with Pearls

Pearls are always ready to party. They just need an attire to go with be it your little black dress or your designer lehanga. Your party wear may have cost you a fortune but our pearl necklaces prices are surely pocket-friendly and stay right within your budget.

The Joeliyn Necklace has a basic pearl necklace design with the gold chain holding the white pearl while the Yasmine Necklace has a festive charm with the pearls set in a close cluster pattern.

Line necklaces fall gracefully around your collarbones and have gemstones that are arranged at regular intervals. The Ysebelle Line Necklace has a single pearl that is suspended from a diamond pendant. If you are searching for a longer line necklace that will look voluminous, then opt for the Abree Line Necklace. Sway in style with the grand Chiara Line Necklace that has an ornate diamond pendant decked with three pearls that will dance to the party tunes.

A Rose Line is an imaginary line that intersects Paris according to author Dan Brown in his 2003 novel Da Vinci Code. A line of flowers that is bedecked with pearls clasping your delicate collarbone tenderly need not be an imagination, though. The Fleur Line Necklace is a stellar design that has dainty flowers on both sides of the chain and will guarantee you the second glance, multiple times. The lovers of flowers will never be able to say no to these stunning necklaces.

We all know that no two pearls are alike and each pearl is unique and distinct just like the diva that wears them. Our pearl necklace designs just remind you of this age old fact with designs that have been crafted to perfection. Check our deals and designs and buy the one that best suits your style needs.

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