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Oval Rings

The Royal Splendour of Oval Rings

Want to have a royal wedding or sport a regal look on a special occasion? Get an oval ring for yourself. Oval rings have been the first choice of royalty across the globe. This is what Prince William gave to Kate Middleton; this is what most celebrities wear as their engagement ring. Just type the word on Google and your screen will be flooded with the images of the celebrities like Keira Knightley, Serena Williams, and Shilpa Shetty, who have been spotted wearing trinkets studded with oval cut stones.

At BlueStone, we always try to keep up with the latest trends in jewellery. That’s why our designers offer you a large range of oval ring designs. Browse through our collection to buy oval ring designs that are unique and classy. Whether you are looking for a ring made of gold or white gold, single-stone designs or multi-stone beauties, we have them all here.

The Advent and History of Oval Cut

As the name suggests, all the pieces in this stunning collection have one or more oval cut stone. Before we tell how you can get these trendy oval rings online, a little introduction to the oval cut is needed. One of the most important factors that determine the clarity and fire of gemstones is the way they are cut. Though the credit for inventing the modern oval cut shape in gemstone goes to Lazare Kaplan of Russia, it is said the first oval cut diamond was found almost 200 years back. Kaplan invented the modern design in late 1950’s and early 60’s. It is a mix of the famous round shape and marquise shape.

The oval shape helps gemstones to retain a smoother edge with fine clarity, even after being polished. This cut also contributes to the elongated shape of the stone, thereby making it look larger than other gemstones of the same weight. It gives your finger a slimmer and leaner appeal. The most popular design for an oval cut gemstone is the halo setting. In this design, a centrally placed gemstone is surrounded by small diamonds which is popularly known as the micro-pave design. Take, for instance, the Curacao Ring in our collection. This ring features an oval cut iolite as the central stone, which is surrounded by two halos of round cut diamonds and iolites. The sparkle of diamonds along with the radiance of white gold gives this ring an appeal that’s hard to resist.

Dazzle With the White Gold

Some of the famous oval ring designs come in the classic diamond and white gold combination. It has been flaunted time and again by the who’s who in grand events. You can recreate the grandeur and charisma for yourself with the white gold oval rings offered by BlueStone. The Cosmopolitan Ring is as awesome as awesome can get. This oval ring made of 18kt white gold comes with a centrally mounted aquamarine. It is crafted in a halo ring style with two halos of micro-pave diamonds encircling it. It is the perfect accessory to create the ardour of the bygone era with a touch of opulence. If you want to sport the same combination in a more subtle design, then look for the Orbicular Touch Ring. This white Sapphire and diamond ring is made of 18kt white gold and comes in a more modish design. You get to enjoy the oomph without going over the top.

There is no dearth of choices in our oval rings collection. The white gold has been mixed and matched with different gemstones to bring out vibrant colour combinations. A famous pick is among our customers is the Yuvrani Ring that brings together the radiance of white gold, the royal appeal of blue sapphire, and the classic charm of white Pearl. While the blue Sapphire adds a sudden splash of colour to this ring, the white pearl lends it an unmatched appeal and diamonds keep its dazzling look intact.

Gold Oval Rings: When Two Classics Meet

Gold is an eternal classic that is always in vogue; so is the oval shape. When these two classics meet, you get stunning pieces of gold oval rings. Add gemstones to the mix and heaven it is! Take, for instance, the Neyara Ring made of 18kt gold. The glitter of gold goes hand in hand with the vivacity of the oval-cut ruby it features. Have a thing for green? Try our Aqsa Ring that comes with a central emerald which is surrounded by 11 sparkling diamonds.

Want to try something fashionable when you buy oval rings online? The Dreama Ring, a blue topaz ring, is a popular pick among our customers. This open ring design made of 18kt gold will up your bling quotient in a jiffy. The Ophelia Two Finger is another stylish pick in this collection.

Multi-stone Stunners for a Stunning Look

The elongated shape of oval-cut stones offers enough space to accommodate more than one gemstone. This is a good reason why oval shape has been used for making multi stone rings. Take a look at the Kurant Ring and you might want to look at it forever. Such is the charm of this multi-stone ring that comes with an oval topaz and 60 diamonds.

If you are planning to get a Navaratna ring to make peace with your planetary trajectory, you will get the best oval rings in our online store. A popular pick is the Jamini Ring. This 18kt gold ring features the classic setting with an oval ruby in the centre and the other gemstones placed around it. Another option in this category is the Naveen Darpan Ring.

The styles and designs available here are unique and rarely available in offline stores. And our oval rings price? As heavenly as our designs, we say! If you don’t wish to miss the chance of owning a piece of royalty, order your oval ring today. 

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