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Were you ever irresistibly drawn to a pendant, not for its intricate design or fashion quotient, but for the sheer fire and brilliance of its stone? It, in likelihood, was a pendant with an oval-cut gemstone. With their unique shape and absolute brilliance, oval-cut gemstones have won the hearts of jewellery lovers ever since they were first introduced half a century ago. While they look good on every type of jewellery, pendants featuring oval gemstones have a unique charm few other ornaments can match. That’s why the designers at BlueStone have created a fabulous range of oval pendant designs for you. These pendants feature one or more big, bright and boisterous oval-cut stones that take the credit for their illuminated charm. Here you will definitely find that chic, little pendant that will make you shine like the brightest star in the sky. So keep looking through our troves until you bag yourself a treasure. 

Oval Gemstones: An Introduction

The oval cut was first introduced by Lazare Kaplan, the renowned Russian diamond merchant, during the early 1960s. The cut was originally used for shaping diamonds and the oval diamond Kaplan created had 58 facets. Eventually, gemstone cutters started using this cut for creating precious and semi-precious stones. One of the defining characteristics of oval gemstones is their symmetrical, elongated rounded shape, which makes them look larger than their round-cut counterparts of the same size and weight. An oval gemstone combines the sparkle of the marquise cut and the brilliance of the round cut. So, if you are looking for a pendant that has the fire and brilliance of round stones but with a unique shape, the oval pendant designs are your fine pick, without any doubt.

Dress Up with the Multistone Oval Pendant Designs at BlueStone

The multistone oval pendant collection at BlueStone is chic and fashion forward. Incessantly decked with prismatic gemstones, they come with unsurpassed brilliance and unique designs. Depending upon the piece you pick, you can either wear it to work or flaunt it at a weekend party.

If you prefer slightly ornate pendants embellished with big, boisterous gemstones, you might want to check out the Mauresque Pendant, the Kurant Pendant, the Matador Pendant, and the Mariner Pendant. These pendants respectively feature a pink tourmaline, a blue topaz, a green tourmaline and a red rhodolite in the centre. Apart from that, these 18kt gold pendants have the shimmer of clustered diamonds to add to their glow.

You can settle for the Stately Charm Pendant, the Luxurious Floralia Pendant or the Aaral Pendant if you like subtle and simple designs. With its unparalleled appeal, the Stately Charm Pendant has rightfully earned a seat in our Fashionista Collection. The Luxurious Floralia, an 18kt ruby and diamond pendant, form a part of the Amiraa Collection and the Aaral Pendant, with all its emerald charm is a proud specimen of the Eternal Grace Pendant collection. You should check the Naveen Darpan Pendant or the Mayur Priya Pendant if you want to explore the navaratna collection at BlueStone.

Make a Style Statement with Our Fusion Oval Pendant Designs

The fusion oval pendant designs have a dignified charm that paves your way to the limelight quite effortlessly. Take the Om Ganesha Pendant for example. Not only does this ruby and diamond pendant make a chic fashion accessory but also it makes for a fine religious pendant. The Rajeswari Pendant and the Soika Pendant both have a breath-taking quality about them. They are downright snazzy with an element of classiness imbued in them. Decked with a pretty blue sapphire and a constellation of diamonds, the Soika Pendant is sure to spruce up your special occasions. The Rajeswari Pendant, with the radiance of emeralds, rubies, and diamonds, is an essential classic fit for anniversaries and festive occasions.

Amongst the fusion oval pendants, the Neyara Pendant and the Modish Elegant Pendant are both sleek and stylish and keep the stonework to a minimum. Go for the Isbah Pendant if you like your jewellery to reflect an antique touch. Decked with the blissful charm of ruby and diamond, the grace and elegance of this pendant know no end.

Buy Oval Pendant Designs Online that Your Kids Will Love Wearing

At a tender age, jewellery is more about fun than fashion. However, we have combined the two in our oval pendant collection for kids. Here goes the Dawdling Penguin Pendant for Kids. Decked with diamonds and an amethyst, this 18kt pendant is nothing short of adorable. And your darling child will love wearing the Tabby Cat Pendant for Kids and the just as much as you will love seeing it on her. The Tawdry Turtle Pendant for Kids also has the charm of topaz and diamonds to recommend itself. Your little fashionista will love her pet turtle (pendant) till the very end, rest assured of that. The Mighty Elephant is known to make mighty memories. For one thing, it is endearing; for another, every time she looks down at it, it will remind her of all the jungle safari stories that you might have told her.

Be it for yourself or your kid, BlueStone is just the right place if you are looking to buy oval pendants online. Even as you browse through the length and the breadth of our collection, you can also check out the oval pendants’ prices which are highly competitive. So, explore and lose yourself in this magnificent collection.

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