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Gold Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery

Rejoice this Festive Season with Great Gold Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery Offers

Light is deemed to reflect a positive spirit. Thus, it is not surprising that the day the sun and moon shine their brightest is considered as an auspicious day. According to the Hindu calendar, this day in the Vaishakha month is known as Akshaya Tritiya. The word Akshaya means ‘endless’ or ‘eternal’ and the word Tritiya means ‘third’. The festival is called so since it is celebrated on the third lunar day of the Shukla Paksha.

On this day, every moment is regarded as auspicious. For that reason, this day is said to be the best day to start a new venture or make an investment, especially in the form of jewellery. We at BlueStone offer fabulous gold Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers collections. You can find finely crafted jewellery at affordable rates here. Are you planning to purchase gold or jewellery made of precious metals on this day? Here’s a collection you should explore.

Why Buy Gold on This Day?

There are a number of stories connected to this festival. It is believed to be the day the Pandava brothers found weapons that would help them defeat the Kauravas. Lord Ganesha also started writing one of the major Sanskrit epics about ancient India on this day. It is also said that Kubera was blessed with riches and made the custodian of wealth on this day. Buying gold on this day is a way of paying respect to Kubera. It is also a way to invite good fortune into one’s home.

There is another reason why people choose to buy gold Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers on this day. This festival precedes the month of Shravan which is the most auspicious time to get engaged and married. Gold plays an important role in all Indian weddings. Thus, it is only logical to make the most of the best gold Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers and buy ornaments in advance. 

Do You Know the Latest Trends?

Once upon a time, gold coins and biscuits were thought of as the ideal form of investments. People rarely bought diamonds or gemstone-studded jewellery as an investment. The scene has changed now. Today, people prefer buying jewellery made of gold and set with diamonds and precious stones. Plain gold jewellery is also an all-time favourite of investors and jewellery lovers alike. In these forms, gold can be worn and doesn’t have to stay locked in the locker all through the year. Trends have also shifted towards lightweight jewellery instead of heavy pieces.

Whether you are looking for lightweight trinkets or ornate pieces, our collection has them all. You can also look for trinkets for everyday use. Designs like the Dorita Earrings and the Cresena Earrings can be worn every day and are very popular among our customers. You could choose between religious motifs like the Kuber Kunji Pendant or floral designs like the Isabel Ring. Yellow gold as seen in the Alba Earrings and the Taylor Ring has a classic appeal. This will never go out of fashion. However, white gold as seen in the Sian Earrings and the Trida Earrings is equally popular during this season.

How about a Pair of Earrings?

Often, when people want to buy gold Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers online, earrings are the first choice. After all, a woman can never have enough earrings. Our designs range from minimalist designs to showstoppers. Do you fancy a pair of earrings set with diamonds? Go for our designs like the Scarlett Earrings. Made of 18kt gold, this pair is set with a total of 62 diamonds. A truly sparkling piece to add more glitter to your jewellery collection, don’t you think? If you prefer something in white gold, the Airell Earrings are a great choice. Simple yet elegant, a pair like this goes well with your office outfits and is ideal for everyday use.

On the other hand, if you have a cocktail party to attend, you need the Estrelle Earrings. Made of 18kt white gold, they feature a star-shaped design accented with diamonds. These will make you the brightest star of the evening. Else, you could also take a look at the Yana Earrings. Set with 70 sparkling diamonds, these white gold studs will be a great investment this festive season.

Want to Feel like Royalty?

Opt for a ring! To be more specific, opt for a ring made of gold! Our collection has designs in yellow gold and white gold for you to choose from. Our diamond studded yellow gold designs like the Scarlett Ring and the Katie Ring appeal to all ages. The simple beauty of our bands like the Alba Ring and the Sian Ring make them perfect for the office.

The best design for a woman who enjoys the spotlight is the Yana Ring. This 18kt white gold ring shines with the glitter of 55 tiny diamonds. The diamonds are set in a cluster setting, which gives this multistone ring a jumbo sparkle. The Culaan Ring is another very popular show-stopper we have created for you. From floral designs like the Caren Ring to geometric motifs like the Trida Ring, we have something for everyone.

Why Not a Finely Crafted Pendant?

Our Akshaya Tritiya pendants can be tagged as religious pendants, floral pendants, and geometric pendants. The Kuber Yantra Pendant is our most popular religious pendant in this collection. This is a unisex pendant made of 18kt gold and set with diamonds. The Kuber Dhan Pendant can also be worn by men and women. This pendant can be crafted in white gold or yellow gold depending on what you would like.

Are you looking for an Akshaya Tritiya gift for a woman in your life? The Amber Pendant and the Caren Pendant are ideal for women who prefer floral designs. The Taylor Pendant would complement a woman who likes geometric motifs. Else, you could take a look at our new designs in gold Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers like the Scarlett Pendant. The good news is that many of these designs are available with next-day delivery in all major Indian cities. 

How to Buy Gold Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery Offers?

BlueStone is the perfect place to find trendy gold Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers online. We offer a wide range of jewelry designs to cater to all budgets and styles. Our diamond studded designs are typically rafted in 18kt gold. However, you could also choose to have it made in 14kt gold. This will reduce the gold Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers prices to a considerable extent. Earrings and pendants are one size fits all and that makes them ideal gifting options. However when it comes to rings, one must be sure of the ring size. Our rings can be bought in sizes ranging from 6 to 30. We also extend an offer to let you try your favourite at home before you buy it in select cities. So, come browse through our designs and invoke Kubera’s blessing on your family.

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