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Nova Collection: Glamorous Rings for the Fabulous You

Stylish dressing is all about choosing the right accessories. And rings play a great role in completing your look. They dress up your fingers and add elegance to your attire. Rings may be one of the smallest ornaments you wear, but never underestimate their power to transform your look.

Are you still not convinced? Take a look at our Nova collection - an assortment of rings that spell luxurious style. This collection has all the elements to give your wardrobe a boost. Pieces from this collection are modern yet they carry a sense of timelessness about them. You can experience the timeless appeal of contemporary jewellery with BlueStone’s special offering. They are sure to enhance your style quotient in a jiffy.

Why Are Rings Must-Have Accessories?

Nothing spells out classic, chic style like our trendy Nova collection online. However, rings are not a recent phenomenon. They have been around since a long time. And they have been amongst the most popular pieces of jewellery in the history of the mankind. Rings are prevalent in almost every culture in the world. They have not only been purely decorative ornaments but served many purposes, including symbolic and practical.

Take a look at the history and transition of this tiny trinket and you will be surprised. While rings were used to pledge one’s love for the other, they were also used to authenticate documents and seal letters. They were sacred talismans and so were they symbols of faith. In a nutshell, they were integral to many cultures and continue to be. Doesn’t that make them one of the must-have accessories in your wardrobe? It sure does!

What’s So Special about the Nova Collection?

The Nova collection is not any ordinary assortment of rings. It is a celebration of design made of gold and studded with diamonds. There are round and curved patterns that instil a sense of elegance. Then there are flowy, organic lines that inspire timeless styles. Are you looking for traditional closed rings with an extravagant look? Or do you prefer sporting something chic like to open rings? You will find them all in the Nova collection.

The Anthia Ring is only one example of the brilliance that awaits you. This ring is crafted from 18kt gold and features sparkling diamonds on its classy, curved silhouette. It is so beautiful and so charming that you will be looking for an occasion to wear it. Just like this one, all the rings in this collection exude a timeless charm. You can flaunt this eternal beauty when you buy Nova collection online at BlueStone.

Of Flowers and Diamonds

We don’t know for sure when people started taking a liking to flowers. The first woman must have been captivated their beauty. She must have made a garland of flowers and wore it around her neck. She must have realised how beautiful it was. That, perhaps, was the first floral-theme jewellery in history. Flowers continue to enchant us even today. And that’s why jewellers fall back on the floral theme when they want to create something stunning.

Our Nova collection ring designs are no exception. It contains a stunning array of floral rings. Do you prefer something simple? Go for our Aziel Ring. It features two flowers, one of which is studded with tiny sparkling diamonds. If you prefer something elaborate, the Asier Ring is the perfect ring. Not only does this ring feature an intricate floral design but it also comes studded with 14 dazzling diamonds. Flowers and diamonds - what an unbeatable combination!

Elegance and Luxury Redefined!

Luxury is more than just a word. It is an emotion that most jewellery lovers can associate with. The rings in the Nova Collection are an epitome of luxury handcrafted to perfection. Skilled artisans from different parts of the country ensure that each curve and each stone is laid out perfectly. Each of the rings in this special collection is created using high-quality gold and encrusted with brilliant diamonds. While some rings feature rows of glittering diamonds, there are others with clusters of these stunning stone. The combination of gold and white diamonds makes this collection an eye candy worth having.

You won’t be able to disagree when you see some of the pieces in this stunning range. The Novelty Ring is one such masterpiece. Made of 18kt gold, it features multiple white diamonds studded on its lovely golden silhouette. Take one look at and you will want to own it here and how. The same goes true for some of the other rings in this collection. The symmetry of design on the Arata Ring is uncanny! And the 23 white diamonds add to this ring’s ethereal charm.

Does luxury has a name? And how does it look like? Well, it will look exactly like the Zera Ring. This ring, which is an epitome of glamour features organic lines on a curvy frame, all crafted from 18kt gold. The white diamonds on these golden lines take its elegance to another level. The Oriana Ring redefines regal elegance. This ring is all you need to transform your look from casual to extravagant.

Timeless Jewellery at Great Prices

Do you think it’s hard to afford jewellery that exudes royal elegance? Well, think again. The Nova Collection is here to prove otherwise. This collection is a dream-come-true for every jewellery lover. It makes owning exquisite jewellery a possibility for every budget. The Nova Collection price is not only affordable but also way more competitive than you have ever seen.

That’s not all. We also give you the option to customise the ring you choose. For instance, you can choose the purity of gold (18kt and 14kt) depending on your budget. Also, you can choose the clarity of diamonds used on the ring. So let your imagination go crazy and shop all you want. Browse our collection of stunning rings and choose your favourites now.

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