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Celebrate the Beauty of Black with BlueStone’s Noir Collection

The world of jewellery is filled with hues. The glitter of gold is always in solidarity with colourful gemstones. Green, blue, red or yellow, just name a colour and you can easily find it in any collection. But, how often do you find a piece of exquisite jewellery in black? Rarely, we bet. Black is one of the rarest colours used in jewellery making. Only an extremely imaginative jeweller can create wonderful ornaments using this colour. Sounds like a tough task, doesn’t it?

At BlueStone, we have done just that with our Noir collection! Do you know that the word Noir’ means black in French? All the designs in this collection stay true to its name. Our designers have used five elements to create these black beauties - gold, diamond, black enamel, black rhodium, and black pearls. The black and gold combination is fit for the modern, confident woman. Take one look at this collection and you will be swept off your feet. 

Where Does Our Inspiration Come From?

Every unique collection has an inspiration behind it. The same holds true for our Noir collection designs too. It is designed taking inspiration from the Art Deco period. This period was one of the most prominent ones in the history of art and designs. It began in the early 1920s and continued till the mid-1930s. The effect of this era of design continued to be seen even in the 1950s. The period was a game changer not just for the world of jewellery. It took the worlds of fashion and architecture also by storm.

Designers of this period followed the Art Nouveau and Impressionist styles. Art Deco designs were characterised by playful, geometric forms. The use of bold, contrasting colours was another defining feature of those designs. Our designers have paid careful attention to all such details while curating the Noir collection. Every piece in this range pays tribute to the spirit of the period to the fullest extent possible.

How about Sporting Some Enameled Beauties?

Colours played an important role in Art Deco jewellery. Thus, precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires were very popular in this era. Enameling also became another popular way of adding colour of jewellery. Enameling highlights the design and adds a splash of colours to it. For example, take a look at the Charmian Long Drop Earrings. The combination of gold, white diamonds, and black enamel gives this piece a unique charm. The Smasher Pendant and the Nadia Pendant are two more examples of this characteristic feature.

A Celebration of Symmetry

Art deco designers emphasised heavily on symmetry. This is a distinctive feature of new designs in the Noir collection. Take, for instance, the case of earrings. It isn’t enough to wear matching earrings on both ears. The right and left earrings must also be a mirror image of each other to achieve perfect symmetry. This can be noticed in designs like the Ascend Ear Cuffs and the Scenic Hoop Earrings.

Can symmetry and asymmetry co-exist? They can. The Ethereal Top Open Ring is a fine case in point. Similarly, each piece in the Harmonize Hoop Earrings might appear asymmetric. But when worn, they create a balance together. Art Deco designs also drew inspiration from natural motifs like flowers and sea shells. The Nadia Drop Earrings is one such piece from our jewellery collection.

Glamorous Geometry

Have you noticed something about the designs in our Noir collection? All of them are extremely simple. Yet, all of them are incredibly bold geometric expressions. It is this fine balance between simple and bold that makes people buy Noir collection designs from us. The Belle Drop Earrings celebrate playfulness and the Striking Hoop Earrings speak of a more grounded nature. The three-dimensional pattern of the Fascination Drop Earrings makes it extremely chic.

In some of the best Noir collection pieces, geometry also defines the relief treatment. For example, a close look at the Pinnacle Pendant exhibits a pyramid styled relief pattern. This complements the rhombus shape of the earrings and makes the design more interesting.

The Black Pearl

The Art Deco movement celebrated the use of exotic materials. Pearls are usually considered synonymous with white. However, our trendy Noir collection online features black pearls. The Beguiling Long Drop Earrings are one of our favourite pearl studded earrings. It is interesting to note that black pearls are symbolic of prosperity. Many consider them to be good luck charms. Traditionally, good luck charms were worn as pendants like the Apogee Pendants. They can also be worn as necklaces like the Meticulous Necklace. Black pearl jewellery is ideal for the artistic woman who stands out in a crowd without being flashy.

How to Buy the Noir Collection?

When you buy jewellery from us, your shopping experience is easy and stress-free. You can easily browse through our designs and buy Noir collection jewellery online. Our designers haven’t blindly followed the Art Deco patterns and motifs. They, on the other hand, recreated these motifs to craft some of the finest pieces of jewellery. It is the attention to detail that our designers give each piece that makes this collection stand out. For example, the Enticing drop Earrings and the Enthralling drop Earring may look the same at first glance. However, on close inspection, you will notice a subtle difference. The Noir Collection does not only take inspiration from the Art Décor period. It is also influenced by the facets of a woman’s personality. For example, the Ebony Dazzling Earrings speak of how women constantly push themselves to achieve their aims. Similarly, the Apogee Stud Earrings are symbolic of how women bind a family together. Thus, each piece of jewellery from the Noir Collection is unique and special in its own way.

So, how confident are you to wear black and gold? Buy these designs today to make a statement about your bold tastes in jewellery.

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