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Gold Navaratnam Collection Earrings

Embrace the Power of Nine Precious Stones with Gold Navaratnam Earrings

Every gemstone known to humankind has some significance or the other, but it is the navaratnas together that are at the pinnacle of all the gemstones. Not only are the navaratnas admired for the colourful beauty they lend to the jewellery they are encrusted on, they also are associated with a greater symbolism. At BlueStone, we embrace the visual appeal and cosmic significance of the navaratna stones by making stunning gold jewellery with them. Browse our myriad gold navaratnam collection earring designs to make them a part of your jewellery trousseau.

Stones Revered for Their Cosmic Strength

Navaratna is the Sanskrit word for “nine gems” that are revered for their astrological powers and the positive cosmic effects they bring upon humankind. The nine precious gems that are together called the navaratnas include diamond, emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, pearl, coral, cat’s eye, and hessonite. The jewellery designed using one or more of each of these stones is referred to as navaratna or navaratnam jewellery. Such jewellery has been valued since ancient times for the beneficial effects it has on the wearer, especially in India and regions of Southeast Asia.

In most navaratna jewellery, ruby is placed in the centre of all the stones as it represents the sun. The rest of the eight planetary stones surround the ruby to mimic the cosmos. While ruby is symbolic of good health, wealth, wisdom, and love, diamond represents the moon and brings fame and boosts creativity. The pearl on the navaratna jewellery represents the moon, the red coral represents Mars, hessonite or garnet stands for the ascending lunar node, whereas moon’s descending node is represented by the cat’s eye. The yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, and emerald represent Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury and have different celestial significance in terms of the prosperity they bring and the protection they provide from the negative forces of planets.

Authentic Navaratnam Earrings for You

You can get great benefits from the supernatural powers of the navaratnas by adorning them in the form of our enchanting earrings. Buy gold navaratnam collection earring designs at BlueStone to be sure that you will only get the best jewellery studded with the most precious, natural gemstones. Our collection includes mesmerising studs and stunning drop designs that will take your breath away. Before you buy gold navaratnam collection (earrings) online, ensure that you know the right arrangement of the nine gemstones on navaratna jewellery. The placement of the stones is key to receiving the astrological benefits they are believed to provide. For authenticity, check for the following order with the ruby always at the centre: diamond, pearl, coral, hessonite, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire, and emerald.

Gold Earrings That Are Beautiful Beyond Belief

Amongst our collection of navaratnam earrings are masterpieces that bring out the innate charm of all the nine stones with their elegant design. An epitome of excellent craftsmanship is the Surya Kiran Earrings. They are studs that reflect the Sun’s rays in their simple yet stunning design. They are made of 18kt gold featuring spokes of gold that represent the Sun’s rays. Each of the spokes is studded with one navaratna with the ruby at the centre. Other studs with the same arrangement of stones on different designs are the Manisha Earrings, the Rajkanya Earrings, the Nav Kavach Earrings, and the Nutan Pushp Earrings, amongst others. They are all made of 18kt gold and can be matched with all outfits.

Sprinkle a few more diamonds to these simple designs and what you have is royal elegance. The Naveen Darpan Earrings, the Jamini Earrings, and the Ambar Kosh Earrings have the nine gems arranged in a circle and multiple diamonds studded on them. The extra diamonds on these earrings accentuate the look of their 18kt gold silhouette. Do you know what makes our collection more attractive? Our competitive gold navaratnam earring prices make it easy to own a pair or more of these stunning beauties. The many colours on the earrings ensure that they go well with all the clothes in your wardrobe. These versatile pieces of jewellery are must haves for every woman. Make the navaratnas a part of your life now.

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