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Marquise Pendant Designs: A Cut that is Several Cuts above the Ordinary

Gemstones in their natural form look almost nothing like the dazzling gems we see and admire in jewellery. Before they can be set in gold, they must first be cut and polished. The beauty of a gemstone, to a considerable extent, lies in and determined by the way it is cut. Some of the most widely used cuts include the round, princess, oval, pear, and emerald cuts. Another popular cut, the origins of which go back to several centuries, is the marquise cut. It emphasises the size of the gemstone and makes it appear much larger than it actually is. For those who want to sport marquise-cut gemstones, we at BlueStone offer a fabulous range of marquise pendant designs in yellow and white gold. All the pieces in this collection feature one or more marquise-cut stones, often accented with diamonds or precious stones.

The Marquise Cut and the History behind It

History has it that in the eighteenth century, King Louis XV asked a jeweller to cut a diamond in the shape of the lips of Jean Antoinette Poisson, his mistress. With time, this cut developed into the marquise cut as it is known today. It isn’t surprising then that the marquise cut was the popular choice of the royalty of that time. Given it’s resemblance to the silhouette of a boat, this cut is also known as Navette cut or the boat cut. It is also known by other names such as the eye-shaped cut and the football-shaped cut. Diamonds were the first stones to be cut in this way, but it gradually began to also be used for rubies, emeralds tourmaline, etc. as seen in the Gaia Pendant, the Blushing Heart Pendant and the Fiorel Pendant, respectively.

What Makes the Marquise Cut Special?

When it comes to the marquise cut, the length to width ratio plays an important role in determining the sparkle of the stone. The ideal length is to width ratio is said to be 1.8:1 or 2:1. An easy way to determine this is to look at the centre of the stone. A brilliant-cut stone will appear sparkling while a marquise-cut stone will appear to have a dark bow-tie area. Some marquise-cut stones, such as rubies, can have approximately 58 facets; symmetry is also extremely important in this cut. Stones done in this cut are likely to be more expensive than round-cut stones but when you compare a stone of the same carat value cut in both ways, the marquise cut makes the stone look much bigger than the round cut.

Buy Marquise Pendant Designs from BlueStone: A Fabulous Range

At BlueStone, we offer a fabulous range of marquise pendant designs in diverse themes and patterns. Our floral collection includes bestselling pendants like the Fiorel Pendant and the Flowery Panache Pendant. The former is made of 18kt gold and features marquise-cut tourmalines while the latter has an 18kt white gold body studded with marquise-cut rubies. Both these pieces are accented with sparkling diamonds.

The Third Eye Pendant and the Divinity Eye Pendant, both featuring rubies, are some of the religious pendants from our Sacred Elements collection. For the hearts in love out there, we have the Bluebell Shine Pendant with a heart-shaped blue topaz and two marquise-cut emeralds. The bold Licorice Pendant is a fine example of geometric marquise pendant designs.

Buy Marquise Pendants Online to Glam Up Your Party Attire

Fancy sporting something with pearls and diamonds? Go for the Vilina Pendant or the Shefalika Pendant. The beauty of the marquise-cut rubies in these pendants is heightened by the radiance of pearls and the twinkle of diamonds. Or you can pick the Rajeshri Pendant made of 18kt white gold. This soulful design features pearl, diamonds, and marquise-cut emeralds and is a perfect pick for parties and festive occasions.

Speaking of parties, the Flirtini Pendant is all you need to spruce up your cocktail nights. Throw in this ruby pendant, team it up with matching pieces like the Flirtini Ring and the Flirtini Earrings, and you are all set to turn a few heads. Another pendant popular with our party-going fashionistas is the Blenheim Pendant which has the radiance of rubies, emeralds, and diamonds to boast of. Together with the Blenheim ring and earrings, it completes your look effortlessly.

With BlueStone offering such an eclectic collection to suit all tastes and budgets, you don’t really need to brave the sun and traffic to buy the marquise pendant designs of your choice. What’s more? Our marquise pendants’ prices are set within an affordable range to make your shopping a wonderful experience. From the cute Marquise Pendant for Kids which your little girl would love to sport to the Charmed Brilliance Pendant suitable for modern fashionistas, we have something for everyone.

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