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Lakshmi Jewellery

Personality and Jewellery

Indian women’s attire is incomplete without jewellery. Their wardrobe has a special place for this treasure. Every woman has her own choice of accessories. You can never count on who has more jewellery because it is quite a debatable point. Some delicate darlings love delicate yet intricate pieces of jewellery be it a simple floral stud or a straight cut bangles. On the contrary, some ladies adore wearing heavy jewellery that stands out in their personality.  These may prefer hoops earrings and drops earrings and combination of both.

Inspiration elements

We find usually find flowers, climbers, snake-like twists, and other designs. When one observes carefully they are only a reflection of the elements found around us. The flowers with as many petals as possible are the replica in many ear studs. Even a chain is completely adopted from the ropes and chains of steel. What to say of The Sun, the Moon and the stars; solitary or in a galaxy is the most sought-after designs the youngsters choose. Well, even boys love to hang them around their necks in a chain.

A Ganesh or Lakshmi: most loved to be worn

The inspiration is not restricted to only the elements of nature but a long list of deities as well. You will find a shiva’s linga form or shiva in Ardhanareeswara form beautifully moulded as a pendant. Then comes another renowned god; Ganesha. His various forms or illustrations all have taken the form of pendants and finger rings. Lakshmi is probably the most favourite of all the female gods who finds her place as a piece of jewellery.

Lakshmi jewellery: wear the luck

It is believed that luck showers on them who wear this goddess of wealth in any form. Probably led to the many forms in which the jewellery is presented. The aasana of lakshami, the lotus; the white elephants that guard her, the very idol of hers; all of these are completely adopted in various designs. In south India, Lakshmi Golusu (chain) or Lakshmi studs are very famous. Lakshmi haaram (long chain) is more than enough to show one’s riches.

BlueStone Lakshmi

When Lakshmi comes in so many forms of jewellery, it cannot be ignored. It is every woman’s (especially in South India) dream to buy Lakshmi jewellery designs. It is up to you how you would wear it. Will it be an ear stud, a finger ring, a necklace or a long chain?

lotus earrings depicting Lakshmi is an awesome piece and if you could combine that with an Adi-Lakshmi Pendant and a Padma Lakshmi finger ring, then you are wearing luck all over you. If you intend to buy Lakshmi Jewellery online, then you have come to the right place. You will love to wear lakshmi jewellery designs as they are both traditional and religious. At BlueStone, they are refined in such a way that it seems stylish too. There are some stone-studded ones too. Interestingly the price of lakshmi jewellery does not pinch your pocket.

Go ahead and pick your luck and wear it for beauty and blessings!

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