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Kika Collection: Tribal Inspired Jewellery for the Modern Woman

Women wear jewellery not just to look pretty. From the early days, it has also been a way of identifying oneself within tribes. The jewellery a member of a tribe wears displays his or her social status, wealth, and even beliefs. Today, tribal jewellery designs are increasingly gaining popularity with fashionable women. Such ornaments, however, are rarely available in gold or other precious metals. Instead, they are made using non-precious metals, faux stones, and other colourful elements. At BlueStone, we believe that any motif or theme can be recreated using the classic gold. And that’s exactly what we have done in our Kika Collection designs.

What Sets Tribal Jewellery Apart?

Tribal people often wear more jewellery than any other communities. This includes jewellery for the ears, neck, fingers, wrist, waist, and ankles. India has many tribes. The Banjaran tribes of Rajasthan are known for their oxidised silver jewellery. Meghalaya's Garo tribes favour jewellery with colourful beads. Similarly, each tribe has its own special type of jewellery. The style and materials may differ from tribe to tribe, but some elements remain constant.

Tribal jewellery usually features locally found materials and celebrates nature. Motifs inspired by flowers and animals are very commonly seen in such ornaments. Along with metals and stones, tribal jewellery also showcases natural materials. These could include wood, berries, seeds, bones, etc. These materials may be simple but the ornaments made using them are quite elaborate. It is known to be bold, attention-grabbing, and colourful. Some of the best Kika Collection designs take a cue from these characteristics.

What Makes Our Kika Collection Special?

The word Kika means cool. That’s exactly this collection is. It is cool and fashionable beyond bounds! The ornaments featured in this collection have a number of defining features. To begin with, they are inspired by tribal motifs and silhouettes. Our designers recreated this ethnic style with a modern edge to suit today’s stylish and rooted woman. This collection celebrates the modern Indian’s woman’s cultural roots through creative fusion designs. Ethnic elements and fashion come together to form fine pieces of jewellery.

Secondly, all these ornaments are made of 22kt gold without any stone embellishments. If you look at some of the tribal jewellery designs available in the market today, you can notice one thing. They all feature materials such as stones, beads, enamels, and others to create the ethnic effect. The designers at BlueStone have achieved this effect with solid, plain gold. Check out our collection and you will be amazed to see how we have reimagined elements of tribal art using the yellow metal. Who said plain gold cannot be used to make cool and fashionable jewellery?

The Kika Collection: Bold and Beautiful

The best way to wear tribal jewellery is to pair it with a simple outfit. Such ornaments are not subtle and understated. They, on the other hand, are large, bold, and eye catching. This is one of the features you can see in many of our Kika Collection designs. The Qoraal Cuff Bangle is one such design. This bangle isn’t intended for everyday wear but only when you want to make a bold fashion statement. Similarly, the Lune Top Open Ring is very different from other rings and has a unique appeal. You can pair them with single-coloured outfits to make a fashion statement. You can also pair these designs with multicolour, ethnic outfits like a kalamkari saree or kurta.

Designs that Celebrate Nature

The new designs in Kika Collection may not feature shells and berries, but they do take inspiration from them. Flowers are a very important element in tribal jewellery. In the earlier days, tribal women wore real flowers on their ears and around their wrists. Our designs recreate these colourful beauties in solid gold. And trust us when we say they are absolute stunners. The Plush Hoop Earrings feature 3-dimensional flowers on both sides of the earring. If you like something a little more delicate, you could also take a look at the Lei Hoop Earrings. Similarly, the Plush Necklace features delicate flowers on the pendant as well as the length of the necklace.

Celebrating the Bud

A common motif you will find when you buy Kika Collection designs is the bud. Like flowers, buds are stylised in a number of ways. In our collection, they have been depicted as a three-dimensional fluted cone with rounded edges. These are either placed as danglers or at the open end of a ring. The placement of the bud plays an important role in determining the overall appeal of the design. As danglers, this gives the Lei Pendant a playful look. On the other hand, it gives the Helical Ring an elegant finishing touch.

The Layered Look

Tribal men and women are known for layering their jewellery. It is rare for a tribal woman to wear only one ring or a single strand necklace. The more the layers of jewellery, the higher their social status is. The Qoraal Ring and the Grazioso Ring both reflect this characteristic. They also reflect a popular jewellery trend today. Both designs are top open i.e. the ring is not designed as a complete circle. Thus, designs in our trendy Kika Collection online are ideal for modern fashionistas.

How to Buy Kika Collection?

The Kika Collection is an exclusive collection from BlueStone. Hence, you will find these designs only on our online store. Though they are crafted in 22kt gold, we give you the option to customise your favourite designs. For instance, when you buy Kika Collection online from us, you can choose white gold instead of gold. Similarly, you can choose to lower the caratage of these designs. That is, all the designs in this collection are also available in 18kt and 14kt versions. The change in the caratage will also bring the Kika Collection price down. So, are you ready to give your look a bold edge?

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